Chasing Davies: A Nod to 2014: 14 Favorite Posts + a Bonus One

December 31, 2014

A Nod to 2014: 14 Favorite Posts + a Bonus One

This year went fast and was filled with so many adventures, changes and growth.  It's hard to believe 2014 started wit me on maternity leave and ended with two toddlers running around littering my house with toys. 

I feel like this blog has also come along a bit, too. I have all you to thank for following along here and my little journey. It's fun for me to document, look back on and have a living scrapbook so-to-speak.  I keep it open to everyone in order to keep myself inspired and connect with others. I hope that's what is happening. 

I also hope to continue to grow and improve this blog and welcome any suggestions or feedback you might have! Are you wanting to see more of something, for example.

Before I jump into the new year, I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite parts of 2014:

1. In the midst of maternity leave, I documented some of the reoccurring thoughts and happenings that kept me busy on newborn duty everyday. I miss that time with my baby Nora.

2. A sweet DIY baby shower activity idea that I just adore and had fun putting together.

3. A healthy snack-hack to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.

4. What I wore to Kansas City's Go Blog Social conference - I love piecing together girly and boyish pieces like this tiger tee and tulle skirt.

5. First signs of spring in 2014, bare legs and a pretty white dress I've continued to style into fall and winter.

6. Sweet days of summer... could use some warm sun and a pool day right about now.

7. Easy ways to transition yoga wear to work wear.

8. I'm on the board of the Kansas City Blogger's Meetup club, and we had a fun summer gathering with lots of giveaways and goodies. Working on planning another winter gathering with details to come soon!

9. A work trip to Tennessee included a launch party for the new Rolling Stone Nashville office and I got to meet Wynona Judd. So that was a highlight.

11. A fun outfit for OFW staying at the beautiful Magnolia hotel in downtown Omaha!

12. I can't wait to visit this sunflower field again in the fall of 2015!  We had so much fun exploring and the field was so beautiful!

 13. Visiting the Omaha Zoo and exploring the jungle (which was actually our second visit of 2014, see our first one HERE).

14. These two littles were the highlights of my entire year with many adventures with them, of course a lot of sleepless nights as well.  This was from our visit to the pumpkin patch, which we were also able to grab a family photo that turned into our 2014 holiday card

Ok and a bonus favorite post... our family trip to San Francisco to visit family!

Happy New Year!  I hope you have fun plans tonight, or comfy plans (like in my case... aka a bottle of wine and pjs.).  See you in 2015! 

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