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About Me

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I'm Megan Davey, the author, attempted designer and happy mama behind this site.  I started slapping stuff up in this space in 2009 with not a clue what I was doing. In 2011, I started to focus and began sharing my own real-world, actually really wearing these outfits... and I began getting to know others out there like me.

I love fashion and exerting my creativity through styling, but I'm also a mom, have a full time job, travel often and live on a budget.  I want to show my own sense of style (we all have it!) to hopefully inspire others, but to also prove you don't have to be wearing those high end name brands or sky high stilettos to be considered a fashionista (which, I hate that word anyways).

But my life isn't all about fashion... I'm married, a home owner and running after my son, born in December of 2011, and my daughter, born in November 2013. Because being a mom is my most important role and the natural flow of life that can bring anything at a moments notice, my style and site's content are constantly evolving and may fluctuate.

Today, I'd like to think that this site centered around evolving personal style, snippets of my life and adventure, a glimpse into my home projects and travel recommendations.  It's sort of the scrapbook of my life.

I love feedback, suggestions or questions - so feel free to email, comment or tweet me anytime!

Thanks for reading!


I'm also a part of of a few blog networks and work with some brands directly, but you'll only see me do sponsored posts or include brands or products that are a natural fit to me and/or my family.  In addition, I use affiliate links throughout my posts, which help drive you to the exact product and power this site!  Thank you for your support.