Chasing Davies: Family outing to the Omaha Zoo

June 7, 2014

Family outing to the Omaha Zoo

Omaha is only a few hours away from Kansas City, and you have probably heard... but they have a pretty great zoo (in fact, TripAdvisor ranked it #1 in the country in 2012).  We spent last Saturday morning there, letting Liam guide us (kind of) by what animals he wanted to see next.  He wanted to see the lions, tigers and Curious George and we were happy to show him a few animals he didn't remember off-hand.  We especially enjoyed the wondering peacocks throughout the park.  It was so fun to catch unexpected wildlife right in front of you.  

We hit up the zoo in the morning, to beat the heat and hope that Liam would then take a great nap later (he didn't - he was still too excited, but that's ok).  It didn't feel too crowded and being early June - wasn't too hot.  We slathered on the sunscreen, topped off with hats and hit the pavement.  Here's a bit of our morning at the zoo:

^^ Oh my goodness we loved those sweet giraffes (don't they seem like nice animals?).  They moved so elegantly, nibbling on leaves - and then we saw a random Emu bouncing through their land.

 ^^ We got to see the seals being trained and doing ticks for fish.  This was probably the longest Liam stood still, just watching the seals flip and flop, turn and fetch - it was pretty fun watching his little face study the situation.

^^ And you guys. We got to ride the train! Liam loves trains and it was a great way to see a lot a little more quickly, since wondering the zoo with two littles is a few hour affair and not a whole day (that you could easily spend) outing. Nora even perked up for the train ride, which was a great way to catch a breeze.

...and then she feel asleep!

^^ While Nora napped... we rode the merry go round, which I have to admit, I might have had more fun!  I think Liam was more curious about how it was working!  But he was pretty excited to ride the elephant!

^^ After some popcorn, we were all tired and it was time for our (late) afternoon naps!  It was wonderful morning - always fun to see Liam learning, exploring and wondering!

Huge thanks to Visit Omaha for sending us these zoo tickets.  If you're headed that way or interested, make sure to request an Omaha Adventure coupon card to save some bucks, $100 in savings (available now through the end of August)!

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