Chasing Davies: Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

Chasing Davies accepts sponsors and would love to collaborate with other bloggers, shops, Etsy sellers, brands, online sites, etc to bring your relevant message to this space! There are a variety of options available and custom opportunities may be negotiated.  Let me know your ideas and we'll find a solution that works for you, this site and the readership. 

Blog Post
I will consider on a case by case basis in-post advertising from a full, stand alone post to a custom theme or text link inclusion, however, the subject must fit the look, feel and content of my blog and align to my personal tastes and recommendations. I do not accept all offers to keep the integrity of my blog's own subject matter.

 Full review of assets must first be approved by me and payment via Paypal must be received before post will be scheduled to go live.  These types of partnerships are compensated, and the amount will vary depending on the scope of the project. Email me to discuss further.

Social Integration
I can also work with your brand via my social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) to highlight your own social channel, integrate a product or share an image or link. You can take advantage of just one or we can create a cross-social channel campaign to meet your needs. 

Giveaways are a great way to get your product or service to Chasing Davies readers and generate more awareness.  I consider giveaways on a case by case basis, as the promotion must align with my blog and be something of interest for my readers. Please note, fulfillment of giveaway, shipping and any other associated costs are handled by the advertiser directly.

Because Giveaways also receive a great amount of promotion via my other social channels and a stand alone post, they require paid placement (via blog post or social integration).

Banner Advertising
Banners are placed within a blog post at the bottom each post and can be included in one or several posts (price TBD pending amount of posts).

Product Integration (Gifted Items)
Advertisers may send me items that fit with my blog's content to be integrated into my posts naturally.  The items must ultimately be selected by me to be something that I'd want to wear/use/include in a blog post.  No specific costs are associated with this placement as long as there are no requirements in how the products are integrated into my blog or social channels, nor special links used.  

Furthermore, inclusion is not 100% guaranteed. If you are looking for something more specific and/or guaranteed, review the Blog Post and Social Integration placement options above for more info.

Custom Program or Packaged Opportunities
I am open to discussing custom opportunities or any specific ideas the advertiser may have. Package deals and discounts are also available for multiple placement purchases. Please email me to discuss and get a price estimation.

Event Hosting, Blogger Outreach and Series Collaborations
I have been a blogger for 11+ years, but in advertising and marketing since 2005.  Combining my two passions brings a specialization in influencer marketing and outreach that is unmatched.  I have years of experience in coordinating blogger events, experiences and digital support for brands from globally known to small businesses.

I can help your brand reach the right mix of influencers on a large or small scale to help bring awareness to your product, showcase experiences or personalize your brand. 

Guest Posting
If you are a brand or site looking to build their SEO and have specific text links included in a post, please refer to the above Blog Post  section. Otherwise, I do not participate or accept any guests posts at this time.

Email for rates and availability. Detailed site statistics available upon request.

EMAIL: ChasingDavies {at} gmail {dot} com or click here.