Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears: Easy transition from yoga to work!

June 20, 2014

Favorite Wears: Easy transition from yoga to work!

In an effort to slip workouts into my super packed schedule a little more effortlessly, I've been looking for outfit pieces that can transform from the mat to the office.  Being able to sneak in a workout over lunch not only means I get to dedicate my mornings and evenings to my littles, but it also keeps me more energetic during the afternoon (avoiding that 2pm crash).  So, recently when I moved office locations (same job/same company) to an area that is surrounded by yoga studios, I got really excited to actually be able to take some of these classes... once in awhile.  

Two things that I'm doing to help taking those lunch hour yoga classes more of a reality: 

1)  Coming to work dressed for yoga.  For real.  I found through a local fitness store, Fitness Culture some really unique options that don't scream gym-attire! They have all kinds of cool (and environmentally friendly) pieces that make my transition from workout to work easy (you can follow them on Facebook for even more inspiration).  I got these great workout pants there that are like summer version of sweats that sort of resemble thick leggings and can be dressed up easily (perfectly on trend with that athletic look)!  On top, I wear my sports bra and neutral workout tank under more work appropriate layers and you'd not automatically guess I was ready to hit a yoga class.  This makes sliding right into and out of a class easy and quick! 

2)  Get my hair off my face, neck, shoulders - just off.  One of my biggest pet-peeves when exercising is when my hair gets in my eyes, brushes my shoulders, sticks to my neck, etc.  Plus, after a workout, my hair has lost all style, so I either begin my days that I will work out with an up-do that will hold or can quickly turn my post-sweat locks up into one.  Braids are the best.

Photos by the very talented Sarah Sweeney of One Sparrow Creative!

{Outfit Details: Kimono - ASOS (similar), White Tank, Karma - c/o Fitness CultureBlack Pants, Karma - c/o Fitness CultureSilver Wedges - J.CrewSunglasses - Lulu'sYellow Bag - a find at Marshals, Necklace - old J.Crew (similar), Camo Hat - c/o Fitness CultureSandals - Birkenstocks}

How do you slide working out into your busy day (and please don't say you get up at the crack of done to do it before your kids get up... I am just the worst morning person ever...)?! 

You can see how my friend Erin styled her workout wear to run errands and go shopping here!

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