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December 6, 2019

Favorite Wears: Cozy Winter Pieces

There is nothing that I love more about winter than layering on all the cozy pieces and cuddling up with a good book, warm drink and my family. I am a super homebody come cold months, and I'm definitely ok with that!

I've rounded up some of my personal favorite winter items and some that I have my eye one (most, if not all, are on a holiday sale of some sort, too!) to share with you for gift ideas for the friend that's always cold or to help you through winter.  So whether you have to get out and about, or able to hunker down at home, these winter-friendly items will keep you warm one way or another. ;)

Top Image:
(from right to left)

1. The most popular sweatshirt during Cyber Monday (and still on sale!). I love the side slit that allow the sweatshirt to move with you more freely, and comes in tons of colors (though I'm loving this lavender).

2. Sherpa lined Doc Martens! I'm a 90s girl and wore Doc Martens in middle school/high school. It's so nostalgic to see them making a comeback, and I am really wanting a pair - this sherpa lined pair would be a winter dream!

3. Pink Coat (use code FLASH48 for 48% off now through end of day 12/7)- I love coats that are in fun colors (I mean, if you have to wear one)!  This other pink coat is 50% off (price as marked).

4. Sherpa zip up is REVERSIBLE! You can flip the sherpa to be on the inside, which is brilliant and extra cozy!

5. Cozy sweatpants for laying around the house, but cute enough to slip out of the house in.

6. An oversized sweater that is super cozy and comfy - easy to dress up or down pending if you are staying in our going out, and easy to wear over leggings. This mock neck sweater for less is also a great option!

Below Image:
(from right to left)

1. Shaggy and soft pillows to cozy up your couch (my kids steal these, but the few times I've gotten to cuddle with mine, it's been glorious!).

2. Barefoot Dreams super soft and oversized blanket (and another very popular item from Cyber Monday) will make you never want to leave the couch!

3. And if you are staying in, might as well make the right cold day drinks with this Winter Drinks cocktail book.

4.  I haven't tried this, but am super intrigued... a gentle steam eye mask in lavender to turn your cozy night in to a spa night in.

5. The bigger the scarf the better in my opinion. This oversized scarf comes in several colors and is super soft!

6. Fleece lined leggings keep me wearing leggings all year around! I have a hard time taking these off when it's cold outside! 

What are YOU wearing and using to stay warm? I'd love to know your favorite items in the comments below!

Shop all the cozy items featured:

Stay warm!

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November 26, 2019

What I'm getting my kids for Christmas!


So many gift guides, so little time. I just hand my kids the toy catalogs (Target is a long time fav, and this year, the Amazon sent a toy catalog) and let them circle away. I, of course, balance with things I think they need and would love, and they don't get everything (not even half!) of what they circle.

So instead of a gift guide, per se, I'm sharing what we're getting our kids in case it gives you any ideas for your own kids, nieces/nephews, grandkids, other kiddos in your lives!

For reference, my kids are in kindergarten and 2nd grade! 

They are both (unbeknownst to them) wanting the following items:

My daughter, who is baby crazy and loves anything "so cute" is liking:

My son is pretty predictable with a few curve balls (a new love for cars):

And then a few things I throw in because they NEED them and will thank me later (like when their feet aren't cold):

I linked to all the lowest prices (so varies between Amazon and Target mostly).  What are YOU getting for your kids?

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November 18, 2019

Favorite Wears: $30 Amazon Pleated Skirt

I'm a long-time lover of pleated skirts! I have several in all different colors - and until finding THIS ONE, my go-to place was J.Crew for much more expensive versions.  Now, don't get me wrong, they serve a purpose and I still love those (I'll do a separate post soon to showcase my newest J.Crew pleated skirt), but this one is under $30, comes in tons of colors, is lined and totally comfortable. 

I really could see myself owning this in every color... but I'm going to try to refrain for that (not enough closet space!). I got this brownish-copper color because it was very different then any other skirt I had and envision wearing it with black. But this particular day, I was working for a bit at a coffee shop that is literally within a tree and plant nursery and just felt I need to soften the look up a bit.

For those in Kansas City area, you must check out Cafe Equinox within the Family Tree Nursery in Shawnee, KS. They serve Thou Mayest coffee, baked goods from local bakeries and have tons of work space and collaboration tables throughout the nursery to work amongst the chlorophyll. 

It was such a calming way to work, and I swear I felt lighter and more alert. I will make it habit to work out of this space whenever possible. And of course, coming home with a few new plants is never bad, right?!

Shop the rest of the look:

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