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April 22, 2019

Untangling my daughter's massive tangles

Nora's hair is super prone to tangles. So much so that we dread the post shower brush-out and it's a huge fight from her to let me finish brushing her hair out. Her hair is semi-curly (seems to be getting less curly as she gets older, which makes me sad...) doesn't seem coarse or anything, but it just catches against itself, I guess.

So, after a lot of trial and error - I have found a product routine that has taken the struggle out of brushing her hair and I had to share in case anyone else out there is chasing their kid trying to brush their hair.

1. Recently, I got this new Dove ultracare repair conditioner that is legit. Not only does it smell good, but really gets her hair silky (I use it, too, to repair my ends!). Her tangley hair above looks 10x better than it did getting out of the shower before this stuff.

2. While rinsing the conditioner out, I have her brush hair with this hair scalp massager. (bonus - feels great!)

3. After the shower, we dry her hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel (there is also this anti-frizz hair towel if you don't want to use a t-shirt). I do this with my own hair, and Nora wanted to wrap a t-shirt around her head like mama. But I actually think this has helped! The terry cloth of the towel roughs up her hair too much as she dries it.

4. After her hair is t-shirt dried a bit, I use this hair detangling spray (but I'm sure you could use any kind) and this de-frizz leave-in conditioner and styling cream (this was seriously a game-changer). Then I brush with short strokes - use the wet brush and tangle teaser hairbrush (just whichever one is around, they both are great).

5. In addition, she has silk-like pillowcases that she sleeps on each night. This helps her hair stay smoother longer (since we don't wash her hair every night). I have these same pillowcases (in white). 

This marble tray is my favorite way to corral products (hand soap, lotion, hair products) in a bathroom/near a sink.

Shop the products to no-tangles:

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April 10, 2019

Leopard & Shopbop Sale!


The last big Shopbop sale I picked up this clear and white leather Staud bag that I'd been eyeing for months. It's already been such a fun piece to spruce up an outfit, and will definitely be getting it out even more this spring and summer.  I especially love it mixed with leopard and sneakers!

Outfit Details:

Right now, only until end of day Friday the 12th, Shopbop is having another big sale with code EVENT19 to get 20-25% off (even off sale items)!  Here are some of my favorite picks (including my favorite white block heeled mules I wear alllllll the time, my APL slide sneakers, my favorite beach/summer hat and these white woven slides that are similar to mine:

Let me know what you are getting in this sale?!
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March 26, 2019

Welcome to Kansas City, True Food Kitchen!

Opening TOMORROW on Tuesday, March 27th, True Food Kitchen on the Country Club Plaza at Ward Parkway and Pennsylvania, where Plaza III used to be. And you are going to loooooove it! I got to be a part of the soft opening with a full blown meal last Friday, and I was blown away. 

First, by the space... it is beautiful and I can't even figure out how it was ever Plaza III. It's like night and day. I love the bright, airy. open concept with a fresh color scheme balanced with neutrals. I see this spot being a great brunch, lunch and dinner environment - whether on a date, with friends or colleagues during work.

Second, and probably more importantly... the food could not be better (check out their menu). It's interesting, healthy and tasty with a wide variety to suit everyone's diet preferences and flavor cravings (ones you didn't even know you had!). Their philosophy is about food making people feel good (not worse) without giving up flavor or satisfaction. Part of their core team includes a doctor of integrative medicine, who believes delicious dining and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand (read more about it). 

I'm so glad this now exists in Kansas City. They've been around - are in lots of other places, too (check their locations out) - so make sure to give them a try!

It's not just their food that is amazing, their drinks are incredible! They have a wide variety of freshly juiced and concocted non-alcoholic beverages, as well as cocktails.  I got the hangover Rx juice, and my friend got the Juniper Rose cocktail.  Both we so tasty, and came adorned with fresh plants.

After getting our drinks, we started with some appetizers - which is one of my favorite parts of any menu because I love to taste a lot of things and snack. We decided on their kale guacamole (includes cilantro, grapefruit, and per the name - kale) and charred cauliflower (which includes a surprise of dates!).

I was blown away straight from the get go. YUM basically sums it up. I wasn't sure how'd I like the gauc, as I've tasted other restaurant's versions mixed with fruit, but this was subtle and added interest I loved. The cauliflower dish can't be missed. It was so good at every bite. I was surprised by the sweet inclusion of the dates with one bite and then pistachios the next, loving every bite.

Our main dishes were perfection. I had the turkey burger - which very well might be my favorite version ever had, - with sweet potato hash while my friend had spaghetti squash, tomato and mozzarella dish (it was like a pizza bowl). We were both very happy! :)

I wasn't sure how I was going to eat another bite by the time dessert came... but somehow I managed. Really the first sniff of the flourless chocolate cake with non-dairy ice cream did it for me. And the key lime pie moose atop crushed almonds and topped with strawberries were very refreshing.  I will dream about that cake though...

The entire staff was so friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming, and I'm in love with the entire philosophy of True Food Kitchen. Even from the very beginning, walking in entering past the growing herbs at the front. You already get a sense for what you are about to experience before you even open the door.  The menu is very easy to understand what you can/can't eat based on your diet with tons of gluten free (most of the items!), vegan and vegetarian options. 

Big thanks to True Food Kitchen for having us out to be part of your opening. We are SO glad you are here, and I look forward to bringing my family and more friends again.

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