Chasing Davies: Confessions from Maternity Leave

January 21, 2014

Confessions from Maternity Leave

life on maternity leave

Somedays we don't get out of bed until noon.

I often wonder where the time went.

I still have a baby attached to me, even though I'm not pregnant.

Somedays I consume all my day's calories between 4pm and 9pm.
The lack of sleep makes me hungry.

I watched seasons 1 through 4 of Parenthood on Netflix... in 2 weeks.  I'm now also caught up on the current season.

I'm really familiar with everything being sold via infomercials currently.

Luckily I'm usually watching them in the middle of the night while the rest of the house is asleep, or I'd probably own about half of the items I've seen. #sucker

Somedays we don't leave my room until my husband and son get home.

I have cabin fever.

Somedays my exercise for the day is walking the mall.

I consider getting out to Target a real treat.

Showering is a rare treat.

Ive recently taken up pudding.

I've worn the same nursing tank for several days... in a row... a few different times.

Everything I do is planned around feedings.

It takes me 10 times as long to do anything these days.

I start thinking about leaving the house about 2 hours before I actually do.

When I think I'm finally able to leave the house, something like a blowout happens.

Somedays I choose sleeping when Nora sleeps over doing anything else (eating, showering, exercising, cleaning).

I've lost hours upon hours in my days just staring at Nora while she's slept in my arms.

Somedays we've gone through almost an entire Costco box of diapers in that day alone. 

Many times I've gone through 4 diapers in one changing.

I usually go through at least 3 diapers in one changing.

There are more diaper stations around my house than there are toilets.

I've gotten pooped on many of times. And it doesn't even phase me.
I've seen more poop fly across the room than I care to share.

If I'm not covered in poop, I'm slathered in split up.

I've used my phone more since Nora's birth than the year and a half I've had it total.

My thumb is probably my body part most in shape.

I'm really good at doing things one-handed.

I've had to go to the bathroom while holding the baby before... a couple times.

Everyday my house looks like a daycare center.

Somedays I get dressed, do my hair and put on some makeup... just to go downstairs.

And I'm getting really nervous about that impending day where I go back to work. 

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