Chasing Davies: Summer Time Pool Time: Kids Swimwear

June 24, 2014

Summer Time Pool Time: Kids Swimwear

Easy Kid Swimwear with UV Protection
It's summer time!  And that means, in the midwest at least, it's already sweltering.  A couple of weekends ago, we got ourselves to the pool and had the baby pool all to ourselves.  Liam had a blast last year when we'd hit the pool on a hot summer day, so I was excited to see how he'd embrace it this year.  Our first trip, and he was already braving those 2-ft deep waters!  Nora on the other hand...

I was excited for her first trip to the pool because girl LOVES the bath!  I mean, she kicks, splashes and isn't bothered one bit by her face getting wet (like her brother).  But with first little toe dipped in the waters and she wasn't pleased. I think it might have been a bit cold, so we'll definitely keep trying. 

I'm especially excited about this summer and the pool because I don't have to worry about my fair little babies' skin!  We apply sunscreen - but if you have little ones, you know how hard it is to get them to hold still to get them fully covered, and forget about reapplying adequately enough.  So we use fuller-coverage swimsuits that also have UV protection to ensure we're keeping the little's safe from sun damage.  Down side of last summer was struggling to pull on and, especially, off those tight tops, but that big hindrance has been taken out of the equation with these freaking cute suits by Swim Zip (they zip up, in case that wasn't obvious).   Oh - and if you watch Shark Tank, Betsy Johnson, co-founder of this brand, was on it and walked away with a backer (the same episode Susan of Freshly Picked was also on)!

I'm pretty much obsessed with Nora's "Mint Chip" suit and kind of wish there was one for adults! And Liam loves that he can help put his "Hampton's Getaway" suit on (he's currently mastering zippers).  He was pretty excited about the pop of yellow, since that is one of his favorite colors right now.  I'm just happy there are cute and safe swimsuits out there for the little ones.

Kid & Baby swimwear
toddler boy safe swimsuit
baby girl safe swimsuit

Bit thank you to Swim Zip for sending us these adorable suits for us to get TONS of use out of this summer.  We are truly loving the ease they bring to getting ready for the pool.

You can see Liam's swim style last year here (Nora was in my belly!).

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