Chasing Davies: Greek Yogurt Hack: Healthy Banana Split

March 19, 2014

Greek Yogurt Hack: Healthy Banana Split

I'm still on my Greek yogurt kick and sharing another Greek yogurt hack with you today (see how I made a healthier version of Rocky Road ice cream here)!  This is a great breakfast, snack or dessert hacked from a typical high calorie dessert.  I whipped up this Greek yogurt Banana Split and it was not only delicious, but super filling!  You could even customize this to include your favorite fruits (blueberries?), nuts (peanuts?) or other toppings (chocolate chips?).  

Here is what I used to create my Banana Split (in order of how I layered):
One banana split down the middle
Vanilla Greek Yogurt spooned on top of the banana (I love the Light & Fit brand)
Sliced fresh strawberries
Pre-chopped walnuts (because I am entirely too lazy to chop my own, plus I enjoy having tips to my fingers)
A couple of dollops of Cool Whip for a big of extra sweet
I also had a square left of a dark chocolate bar that I melted and then drizzled over the top (optional, or you could add mini chocolate chips or a cherry)

Here is how it all came together:

Yum!  More Greek yogurt hacks to come (I love this stuff) + keep your own Greek Yogurt uses coming (I love them!).

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