Chasing Davies: Wall Crawl of Kansas City!

April 15, 2018

Wall Crawl of Kansas City!

Whether you're a blogger, aiming to get that perfect Instagramable photo or just looking for a fun background for your own family photos - wall murals have been all the rage across the US for a few+ years now!  And while it's fun to travel to new cities and find their fun murals and brightly painted walls for pictures, Kansas City has some great walls right here!  

This could easily turn into a series featuring a lot more walls (because there are many not included, yet!), but I wanted to at least start with a few of my favorite walls and brightly colored spaces for getting those fun backdrops for your photos (especially now that the weather is getting nice!).  Also, below is a handy map with all the walls plotted out so you can easily do this crawl yourself - and please let me know in the comments below your favorite walls around the KC area.

Some of the pictures in collaboration with my favorite Kansas City photographer, Elizabeth Ladean! See her Instagram here, too.

1. The Star Wall
The Star Wall in Martini Corner might be one of my favorites! It's so whimsical and sweet. You can see more of this wall from my original post here.

2. The Art Alley
The Art Alley in the Crossroads is full of different, brightly colored walls all down an alley, with little off-shoots of more color. What a great backdrop if looking for lots of colors! More photos of this space here and here.

3.  Kansas City Wall
Looking to declare you location and/or love for KC? Here is the wall for you - located in the Crossroads.

4. Diamond Wall
This is an unexpected wall, located on the side of a U-Hawl building - but I love all the diamond shapes the different toned yellows make. It's located just south of PnL, on the south side of the highway.  See more photos here.

5.  Flag Wall
Looking for something patriotic?  That perfect photo for the 4th of July?  This big flag mural is located in downtown Parkville just off of Main St.  See more photos here.

6.  #KCLoves Wall
This wall is most beautifully viewed from afar actually, but if you're looking to get up close and personal, you'll have to go to the top the Barkley of a parking garage!

7.  Flamingo Wall
Looking for something fun for summer? This Flamingo wall on the side of Miami Vice located in the Roanoke area (39th St), has the perfect summer feel.  See more pics for other fun backgrounds at this same location here.

8. Mint Wall
For something subtle and sweet, this mint wall is a lovely backdrop. Located off of Southwest Boulevard, across the street from Boulevard Brewery. See more pics of this wall here.

Here are all these walls plotted to make your own wall crawl easy!

Tell me your favorite walls/murals/photo spots around KC, and you might just be featured on the next Wall Crawl post!

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