Chasing Davies: Back to School 2019

August 25, 2019

Back to School 2019

This year is a BIG year over in our household. We have both kids back on one drop off/one pick up - at the same place with Nora is in Kindergarten! Sniff sniff, and yay yay! She was SO ready after watching Liam love the last years of elementary school and being her teacher's helper in Pre-School. And she is still loving it two weeks later. :)

See back to school pics 2017 (and Liam going to Kindergarten here) and 2018.

Liam started school - reunited with all his buddies in one place - a few days earlier. They staggered Kindergarten to start a few days later which was nice.  Liam was ready to go back - he likes school, I think he just loves recess, but either way - glad he gets up excited to go to school each day. Nora was very excited to take him to his first day, knowing she'd join a few days later!

Nora's big day came a couple days later after a parent-teacher conference to warm the kids up to the classroom the day before. Spoiler alert, she warmed up real quick! Like I said, girl is ready! She loved all the centers and bounces from the reading nook, to the art center to the STEAM section of the class.  

We are also super thrilled with her teacher, as she got the same teacher that Liam had his Kindergarten year - and it was a magical year! Excited for this year with her!

And then at the end of their first Friday at their same elementary school together, I made them pose for another picture.  I bribed them with popsicles.

Here's to a GREAT year!

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