Chasing Davies: First Day of Kindergarten!

August 15, 2017

First Day of Kindergarten!


The day has come. My first baby is in school.  Liam started Kindergarten this morning, and I almost made it out tear-free. I swear, I was so close.  Seeing Liam at his table, working on his welcome assignment, glancing up to see Greg and I start to leave (backing away slowly), giving us a nervous, toothless smile... teary-eyed instantly. 
The last few weeks, Liam has been SO excited for Kindergarten. But the last couple of days, after his last day at his pre-school with his friends, I think it really hit him, and the nerves set in.  The most heartbreaking thing was when he asked me "what if no one wants to play with me?"  What do you say to that?! 
But today, I feel good. His teacher is so nice - seems so great already, and all the kids seem really sweet. I think the hardest thing for him, and me, too, is that we are going into this school not really knowing anyone. We know one kid/family from Pre-School, so that's nice - and I know we'll look back in a few weeks/months and feel more comfortable!

So, I told Liam that he just has to be nice, and say 'hi' to people, even if he doesn't know them. And just start playing with the other kids. If they're running around, go run with them. If they're playing cars - go play with them. And it might feel weird at first, but that after a few weeks, this will all feel normal.  We are also starting soccer in a few weeks and will be playing with his school/class - so that will help get to know people, too.

And as for me, I am feeling more proud of him than nervous/sad - but it's a great reminder that time flies. And that change is hard at first, but we'll find our new normal quickly!

Thinking about all of you with kids starting Kindergarten this new school year!

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