Chasing Davies: Back to School 2018!

August 14, 2018

Back to School 2018!


These little turkeys are back to school and feeling cool in some new duds - which we're anxiously awaiting chillier weather to really rock it all, but until then, we'll be running around barefoot!  I just can't believe how OLD these babies of mine are. They look like little adults.

Nora is in her LAST year of pre-K, and I just can't believe it. The thought of her going to Kindergarten next year sends me into a sob fest. Her personality is busting at the seems. Last weekend, we were getting ice cream with our friends, and after telling the girls to be careful as they were climbing over everything... my fellow mama friend turned to me, and said, 'did Nora just roll her eyes?!'  Yes, yes she did...already.

Liam is all smiles for FIRST grade! He was SO excited to get back to school, see his friends and play at recess. I think he thrives on routine and does really well with school. This year is so different than last (see his first day of Kindergarten post here), he not only looked like a baby with a missing front tooth/baby teeth and all, but didn't know but one person so was shy and unsure. This year he went into his school and class with so much confidence, which made me so happy.

Here's hoping for a happy, healthy and successful new school year!

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