Chasing Davies: Quick Non-Invasive Eye & Neck Lifts

May 21, 2018

Quick Non-Invasive Eye & Neck Lifts


I have a slight hooded eye lid... It runs in my family, and I see a more dramatic hood coming for me as I get older.  So when Contours RX asked if I wanted to try a quick, easy and non-invasive eye lid lift product, I said heck yes! LIDS BY DESIGN is medical grade, hypoallergenic and latex free strips that you use to lift your excess skin temporarily. 

There are several sizes depending on how much extra skin you have, and if you're not sure, there is also a variety box. I don't need as much of a lift yet, so the 3mm works for me - just to give me a slightly more open eye, especially on those days I'm extra tired.  I see myself mainly wearing for special occasions or extra puffy/sleepy days, but it's a great eye opener!  

Below you will see my before pics and then my after!

Another product they sent me was the NECK RESCUE. This was even easier to use! You simply use the skin-like technology strip on the back of your neck. It blends right into your skin and is not even noticeable.  This is one of their newer products, and is great if you have extra skin around your neck, or loose skin (something I'm sure I'll start to see as I get older).

I love that these are simple, affordable and non-invasive options for women, especially if their confidence is waning because of access or loose skin.  I also think women are just as beautiful if they don't want to worry about the loose skin, too! But it is great to have options for whatever YOU need to feel your best. :)

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to try and review, but all my opinions are my own.

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