Chasing Davies: Deck the Halls & Eat It, Too!

December 2, 2017

Deck the Halls & Eat It, Too!


It's that time of year!  Everyone I know is decking their halls, getting merry and jingling to their favorite holiday stations (was that too much holiday gooiness for you?).  But in all seriousness, we leveraged the heck out an unseasonably warm weekend (still not that cold yet!) to get going on our holiday decorating. Greg owns the lights outside on our trees and house, and I own the inside!  

The kids love to help, especially with the lights outside, and climbing the ladder (very supervised), and usually I get the inside to myself for a bit to change up our table.  This year, I was pleasantly surprised by Nora's interest in helping ME! Something tells me she had ulterior motives... 

We keep Cuties around for the kids almost at all times - it's our favorite snack to share with them because they are easy to peel, seedless and sweet.  I noticed on my last trip to the store how especially vibrant they are now back in-store and ripe, and thought they'd make a great centerpiece on my table (at least before my kids eat them all at least). So, as I revamped my table for the holidays, I simply added Cuties to a pretty bowl and wide vase, and waaa-laa!  And, it's the kind of decor I don't even have to worry when my kids steal. 

I even tried something new - I added the bright orange peels from the eaten decor I mean, fruit, and cinnamon sticks to a mason jar to stir up the smells.  You can even do this further by warming orange peels, cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise with 2-3 cups of water for the ultimate holiday smells.

My approach to my table: Most important, keep it kid friendly. I used shades of green with neutrals, allowing the oranges to be my pop of color.  I also love playing with the mixtures of unexpected textures - wood platter and tree, with the glass/crystal vase/bowl bring elegance to the rustic.  And it's always fun for me to add in whimsical pieces that I know my kids will love, too!

What are some of your unexpected decor pieces??

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This post is in partnership with Cuties - a long time favorite fruit in our home!

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