Chasing Davies: Nutrimom Status: Making Progress

November 29, 2015

Nutrimom Status: Making Progress

This post brought to you by Nutrimom. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chasing Davies.

Sometimes it takes personal coaching by someone else to reshape your mindset, and help you to make baby steps towards a better outlook and healthier lifestyle. For me, stress can get the best of me, and I mentioned in my last post about my progress using the Nutrimom appmanaging stress is a long-term goal of mine.  One thing that has been working for me so far is squeezing in workouts whenever I can and not being hard on myself if it doesn't happen.

My previous notion was that if I didn't have 45 to 60 minutes to dedicate to exercise like I used (2-3 years ago and the available time has been dwindling since then), then it wasn't worth it.  After talking to my personal coach, Andie - she made me feel better about making the most of the time I do have and not being so hard on myself!  

So I've been doing a few things to help get in that workout a few times a week:

1. I always keep workout clothes and shoes in my car. You just never know when you're schedule will free up or change and you can squeeze something in that you couldn't have planned for.  This has happened to me so many times!

2. Block your own calendar!  I can't always keep my calendar holds, as important meetings and work take priority during the day, but I try to block my lunch hour (which is not sacred time of day to meeting bookers anymore...) a couple times a week to squeeze in a walk, job, yoga class, etc.  And even if I only have 10-15 minutes to workout, I'm going after whatever time I do have!

3. It doesn't make it as easy to be active when both my jobs (day and night blogging) are heavily sedentary. When I'm not working on blog posts, catching up on email or working in the evenings - I try to do strength exercises while watching TV, as Andie suggested through the Nutrimom's app.

4. Staying fueled, and not getting too hungry!  If I'm using my lunch hour to exercise, that means I need to get in a mid-morning snack so that I'll stay motivated to get that workout!  Or sometimes, it's just to stay full so I won't eat those break room cookies or candy! I love these Nutrimom Apricot & Cashew Bars that are an awesome source of energy with B-Complex!

These came as part of Nutrimom's subscription box, which includes both helpful products for mama and the kiddos! While I'm going through my own journey of trying to manage my busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle, it's also important to me that my kids are off to a good start.  That's one of the cool things about this app - it's for both the mama and her babies, a total family guide!  

My toddlers are pretty good at eating fruits and veggies - sometimes. But when they're in their boycotting stages, I like to sneak it in. My almost-four-year-old was instantly drawn to these baby pouches full of veggies and fruits, haha! I'm all for it if it gets that good stuff in his body - and even better when we're on the go!

Do you have any workout tips or advice on getting your kids to eat more veggies/fruits?

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