Chasing Davies: Omaha Family Fun: the Zoo & Downtown Slides!

September 3, 2014

Omaha Family Fun: the Zoo & Downtown Slides!

The Omaha Fashion Week events brought us up to Omaha, but on this weekend getaway we just couldn't pass up another visit to the zoo.  They really have one of the best zoos, and earlier this summer, we only made it through less than half!  This time, we concentrated on the indoor exhibits, starting with the Aquarium, which is really cool (but awful for taking pictures in).  They had a great tunnel with sharks, sting rays and other assorted fish swimming overhead.  While I fed Nora, the other's visited the Butterfly Pavilion and Desert Dome (which I've been in before).

After we went through the Kingdoms of the Night, which is under the Desert Dome - and to be frank, it freaks me out - bats... not my thing.  Of course, the boys seemed to love it.  Their was an enormous alligator that was pretty cool - until it started to literally roar.  Liam kept asking where the the lion was, but it was just a scary reptile. It was kind of cool to hear it's noise, but after a few minutes we scurried on.  After a quick lunch, we ended our zoo trip at the Jungle - which ended up being my favorite!

Here are a few photos from the Jungle with waterfalls, bridges, monkeys and branch swings galore:

{Outfit details: My dress is last year via ASOS, but this one is pretty; Sandals - ah, could walk allllll day in these.}

After the zoo, we headed over to the Old Market area (which is really cute and if you ever head to Omaha, you must hit up his area of shops, restaurants, bars and more) to play on the slides (free!) that are located nearby at the Gene Leahy Mall.  People often bring wax paper to fly down these slides, but Liam brought his dad, so no wax paper needed.  These are so fun for kids and adults alike. I remember one of my first trips to Omaha (where my husband is from) long, long ago we hit up these slides, so it's fun to come back and bring the kids (well, Nora just watched).

Here's a video of just one of the times Liam went down the slide, so you can see how fun it looks:


Thanks Visit Omaha for the tickets to the zoo! We had a blast!

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