Chasing Davies: A field of sunflowers: a must see right now!

September 4, 2014

A field of sunflowers: a must see right now!

Over the long Labor Day weekend, we stuck around home, but kept busy with all that Kansas City had going on that weekend. And it was fun!  On Friday, Greg and I had the day off work together (the first in a long time), so while the kids were at school, we went on a day date!  We went canoeing and then had brunch and 2pm!  That night, we had friends over for a cookout, which we enjoyed outside up until a thunderstorm came.  

The next day we met family and friends at the Kansas City's annual Irish Fest, which we go to every year.  It's really so fun, and Liam loves to dance to the bands.  He kept telling us that we were going to the "Irish Dance" and has been talking about it ever since.  

Sunday, we got out of town (a bit).  We went to Lawrence, KS to visit our alma mater, eat at my favorite restaurant and show Nora around (her first trip!).  On the way, we stopped at the Grinter Farm where lives a sea of sunflowers. Seriously, it's breathtaking. They are just the happiest flowers of all and to see them as tall as you, straining to face the sun in full bloom just brings a smile to your face!  Liam loved running down the rows and hiding between the stocks.  I had to keep a close eye on him so he wouldn't get lost in the leaves!  And Nora, she was just in awe!  She reached out for every nearby sunflower to gently touch.  She is always so sweet and tender, this field was perfect for her.

But here's the thing with sunflowers, you have about 2 weeks from when they bloom until they pack it up and retreat to the ground for hibernation until next year.  So, if you are in the Kansas City/Lawrence area - you must get out and go see these beauties before about September 12th!  Do it this weekend! The farm owners wrote a great FAQ post to answer any questions you might have - see it here!

Here are a few photos from our fun in the field (and if you do go visit, tag me - I'd love to see your photo!)...

Lawrence, KS must see sunflower field
Sunflower field in Kansas
Sunflower field
The Sunflower Field in Kansas

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