Chasing Davies: Blush Crush

January 29, 2014

Blush Crush

Ooohhh la la. Tis the season to be seeing red and hearts everywhere.  But I am swaying more to the hues of blush this season and majorly crushing on pinks!  Maybe it's because I've added a pink clad baby to my life or I'm wishing and hoping for spring to come early... but I'm loving all these pretty pinks.  I think Peonies might officially be my favorite flower.  Ever since a wedding I attended was decked out in them, I've been smitten. I love how full they are and they come in the prettiest shades of, what else, pink!  Another random on here, Izze Sodas.  CostCo has a variety pack that I got for a party I was hosting.  They're great for when you are craving a little something else at night (especially since I'm not drinking a whole lot of wine or beer - not that I am a lush or anything) and want an all natural treat.  I just picked up the grapefruit flavor to try!

PeoniesNecklace (get 20% off w/ code NEW-YEAR); BeltEssie Pink Works Nail PolishSkin IlluminatorNARS Multiple Stick LuxorSkirtDrape SweaterSwiss Dot BlouseLoafersEarrings; Izze Sodas

I'm not huge into Valentine's Day.  I think as my kids get older, I'll try to make it more crafty and decorate more - but as far as over the top date night out - we do not.  We'll probably make dinner at home and spend it cuddling with the kiddos.  Especially since my days on maternity leave are winding down (I go back on Feb. 18th! eeeeek), I want to soak up every little at home time I possibly can. 

 What will you do for V-day?

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