Chasing Davies: Preparing for Baby #2: The Essentials

November 6, 2013

Preparing for Baby #2: The Essentials

Adding baby number 2 to the family must haves

Double Stroller // Infant Tub for Sink // Baby Wrap // Couch Accent Table (this one is currently 25% off with code FURN25EM now through 11/28) // Magnetic Closure Onesies // Sleep Sheep // Additional Camera for our  Video Baby Monitor

With baby #2 soon to make her arrival, I've narrowed down a few must-haves to add to our already established baby packed home.  With Liam not even two years old yet, we have most everything we'll need and certainly the basics, like bottles, furniture, equipment, etc.  But there are a few things that bringing a second child in the home requires, especially it being a girl this time, and some learnings from last time and from friend's that have added a few must haves to my list.

I've had two baby shower's/sprinkle's for this little lady, where we've had very kind friends and co-workers give us a few essentials, so we've already got a head start!  Girl clothing is obviously something we're adding to our baby bounty (though planning to put as many of Liam's clothing to good-use, too) and here are a few others items, too:

1. A versatile double stroller! I was looking for the following in a double stroller: not too big or bulky, can go from infant + toddler to two toddlers, easily breakdown to travel with and fit in our trunk and has a good size undertow to carry all the miscellaneous.  One amazing stroller tons of mama's rave about is the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller (starts out as a single and can turn into a double, so great for an investment with the first child).  Since we already have a single Bob, we were looking to spend a bit less... so a very similar in style and equally versatile, we've decided (after watching many video reviews) on the Contours Options in sunny yellow!

2.  The sink bath for baby!  We didn't feel like we needed this the first time, so we got a bathtub bath for newborn to infant and we loved it (+ will use again).  Now with a toddler running around, it might be easier to bathe the baby in the kitchen sink while Liam is eating or playing where I can see him vs. having to limit myself to the bathroom.
3. Baby wrap! I didn't get into this with Liam... I wasn't as familiar with these soft wrap options and while we love our Bjorne, it really became my husband's carrier - as it was too big of a pain to refit the carrier to each of us each time. But last time I spent a lot of time holding my sweet Liam (which I loved), but not able to do much else.  Kind of a theme here, but this round, I still have said sweet Liam and will need my hands, sometimes!  My great co-workers got me the Solly Wrap in stripes!  We also received the Happy Wrap in sunny yellow as a gift from my sister recently, so I'm excited to have two to try out (and switch up in color or as one is being washed).
4. C-accent table!  You might be wondering what this has to do with a baby!  But think about when you are snuggled into a comfy position deep into the couch feeding, soothing or holding baby... your drink, snack, computer, etc are really out of reach.  Plus, if recovering from a c-section like I will be, it's hard to bend forward. This C-table (named for it's shape) hovers over the couch right next to where you are cozied in providing a surface for your things.  We recently ordered this one and have already started using it!
5. Magnetic onesies!  Ok, we have onesies galore from Liam... but a friend of ours introduced and gifted us a couple of these ingenious onesies that open and close with magnets - so easy.  This will be amazing for all those late night changes.
6. Sleep Sheep!  This should be on everyone's baby list!  We've loved the Sleep Sheep for Liam, who still uses his... so getting another for this baby is a must and even a travel-sized one would be a bonus!
7. Second camera for our video camera! We've loved our video camera and will still be using it in Liam's now-big-boy room.  Lucky for us, all we need is an additional camera to put in the nursery and we'll be able to watch both babes from our one monitor.
I'd love to know what I might be missing or what is on your baby (whether your first, second or beyond) must have list!  Please share in the comments!

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