Chasing Davies: Favorite Wears & DIY Jeweled Baseball Cap

November 7, 2013

Favorite Wears & DIY Jeweled Baseball Cap

I'd been loving the way J.Crew was styling their jazzed up rendition of a simple and solid baseball hat, but not willing to spend their amount, I decided to create a version of my own!  And it was a very easy DIY, even for this DIY-challenged lady. So, here's how I did it and how I wore it!
All you need...  
Hat of your choice (see some hat options at the bottom of this post)
Glue (I tried both fabric and super glue, and found the super glue, while a bit more dangerous to getting your fingers stuck together, worked better)
Gemstones of your choice and style 
And maybe some tweezers if you have small stones
DIY JCrew Jeweled Baseball Cap

Then just build your design (you can plan it out or wing it, like I did...) and start gluing until you are satisfied (or bored).... I might go back and add more gems to mine to make it more fuller, closer to the J.Crew one.

{At about midway here, in which I took a 1.5 week break and then finished it off in an effort to get all the materials off my dining room table.  This should not deter you from this DIY, it's very simple and took in total probably less than 2 hours...}
And then eventually... ta-da! All done (for now)!
{Even Liam is getting into the athletic trend... oh wait}

{Outfit Details: Dress, Madewell Oxfords from last year (in cranberry; similar pair) and necklace (similar and love this one)}

Simple hats waiting to be adorned:

If you end up making a hat, please let me know if you post a pic anywhere! I would love to see it!  Happy DIY'ing.

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