Chasing Davies: 36 week update // painfully progressing

November 5, 2013

36 week update // painfully progressing

Oh friends... the last few weeks of pregnancy are the pits.  I'm claustrophobic in my own body with no position easing the discomfort.  My ribs feel broken, my hips feel pushed apart to the max and oh so sore, my belly-skin itches and is very tender and I'm constantly nauseous. Help me.

On the plus side, I started weekly doctor appointments last Tuesday and learned that I was already dilated at a 2.5 and 50% effaced.  So that's progress... and even though I'm scheduled for a c-section in less than 3 weeks, it wouldn't be so bad if she decided to come earlier, right?  Because honestly, right now, 3 weeks sounds like an eternity. 

A painful, painful eternity filled with absolutely no sleep (not that that portion will get much better...).   I have another appointment later today and hoping the progress has continued.

How did you get through your last few painful weeks of pregnancy?

{Outfit Details: Old ASOS dress; J.Crew inspired tassel necklace (similar); Maternity tights c/o Preggers; Boots}

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