Chasing Davies: To me, glasses are like another fun accessory!

June 29, 2013

To me, glasses are like another fun accessory!

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I  once hated that I had to wear contacts and glasses to see straight. I still don't like contacts much, they dry out my eyes and the ones that are suppose to be extra soft with hydraclear just smudge and get blurry too fast (does this happen to anyone else?).  

Glasses, while I don't like to wear all the time (like working out), are a fun accessory to me.  They can make any outfit a bit more interesting or unique! I have quite the collection these days, I own cat-eye, oversized tortious shell, bold black and even red ones (probably even more than that).  Because obviously I can't get enough glasses in my accessories world, I was excited to hear about's new line, Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses! This line is fashionable, bold, yet subtle enough for everyday wear.

Here are a few of my favorites from the line:

Derek Cardigan Glasses is a great site for Designer Eyeglasses at great prices with tons of colors, styles and shapes to choose from for both men and women . I actually own a pair (my oversized tortious shell ones) that I got for a great deal awhile ago and wear them a ton (like here for example). Plus, for every pair of glasses sold, donates another pair in need. I love when I can make smart purchases that in turn help others!  I encourage you to check out & thenew line of Derek Cardigan Eyeglasses - and let me know your favorite style!