January 16, 2013

an always cheerful combination

This little outfit made me feel a little extra cheerful on an otherwise
cold and sick day. We're trading viruses over here like baseball cards.
Just as soon as someone gets over something, another one bites the dust and
the vicious circle continues. Where are you spring?

Nothing a little colorful stripes and polka dots can't cure, right?

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{I like nerdy glasses}


  1. Love this look--cozy and colorful. And I never feel like I have anything to wear with patterned tights. But I like this a lot!

  2. You make me want to add much more color to my wardrobe!
    p.s. I forgot you were a blondie - so cute either way!

  3. Love the pop of color - something I need to remember to do more often. And feel better soon.

  4. Ooooo I love that scarf!!


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