Chasing Davies: Day 25 {Oh so Awkward & AWESOME}

February 17, 2011

Day 25 {Oh so Awkward & AWESOME}

Today I'm participating in Syndey's Awkward and Awesome Thursday round up.  Let me know how you like my lil' Awkward/Awesome post!

- Taking outfit photos in a restaurant bathroom {but it was a pretty one!}
- Looking a wee-bit homeless in all my outerwear {scarf and coat}
- Awkward hair length that sits on my shoulders and likes to be really fluffy {please grow faster, hair}
- Trying to get into my annual company meeting through glass doors that were locked, everyone looking, but doors were chained shut.  Followed by walking around the whole GIANT art museum that is still covered in icy snow to find the open doors to get in.
- Then fast forward to after meeting happy hour, trying to parallel in the last spot avail around a giant mound of snow, in front of same said co-workers.  They probably think I'm nuts.

- My bright teal tights.  I loooove colored tights.
- My lace skirt {sometimes shirt} from Target that I've worn so many times, my Cost Per Wear {CPW} is probably down to $0.25 right now
- Same goes for my lace up heels.  They go with everything.
- Said happy hour hosted by work, aka free beers.  I think from my awkwardness, I earned it!
- Then rushing off to go out to a restaurant to eat good food & partake in a jewelry party for free {I mean, work, another work thing}
- My job: work hard, play hard
- Only 5 days left of this Remix Challenge & Shopping Freeze!!!  {HELLO J.CREW}
- Hubs waiting up for me after such a busy evening so we can hang out - and him at least pretending to care about the jewelry I scored {again, for free - I mean, work}