Chasing Davies: Day 26 {I'm a Dinosaur}

February 18, 2011

Day 26 {I'm a Dinosaur}

Today I felt a bit dinosaury.  I don't know what that's what came to mind - and you are probably thinking I'm crazy.  But look closely and then I'll explain...

 Comfy warm Uggs to get to the office (and through the parking lot of melting mush), then changed into my outfit boots.

I was going to layer my sequin tee over my black dress - but it just didn't look right.  So I flipped it.  I thought it kind of replaced a necklace and peeked out from my dress.  I thought it kind of looked like scales, too.

Then I French braided my hair back into a bun on either side of my part, which I've done a few times before (since learning this little hair style from one of my best friends).  I love this hair look for bad hair days. :)

Together these two little things, I felt a little like a dinosaur.  Okay, so you probably still think I'm crazy. Oh well.

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