Chasing Davies: Wall Leopardsy

December 6, 2009

Wall Leopardsy

As I've mentioned before, our new house is filled with layers of old wallpaper. We stripped the Dinning room first - that actually came off really easy and in huge strips. I started the wallpaper in the entry way, stairs down and up and upstairs hallway, and sadly - not easy. Just chipped away getting tiny pieces. This will not be fun.

My now looks like it has leopardsy. And I have lots more of this to do...

Any good wallpaper removing tips? Removing several layers of wallpaper... So far, I've been using a putty knife to get as much off as possible dry. Then I take a big sponge and bucket of water and wet the wall down and peel some more... I've heard using sandpaper before wetting, too, but haven't tried it.