Chasing Davies: Simple Holiday Decorating: DIY Photo Art

December 4, 2009

Simple Holiday Decorating: DIY Photo Art

Faaaa La La La La Lala La Laaaa....

More holiday decorating DIY ideas. Did anyone try the cake dome centerpiece idea from my last Holiday post? Well, this next Holiday idea is even more fun and a bit more interactive.

Photo Art - For my wedding, one special gift my husband and I received was our (my new) last name put into art. Here is an example of what we got:

"Smith" Photo

I think this is such a unique and fun way to convey any message or showcase any name or word you find special. I love taking pictures and immediately thought I could create something similar, whether for a friend's wedding or our own home. I decided to applied this idea to Holiday decorating.

I walked around town, my neighborhood, to near by shops and even looked in my own yard for inspiration. I took pictures of letters, the natural environment that resembled letters and even formed letters when possible. I did this over time, as I was out and about and if I saw a letter I needed or one that looked cool - I'd snap a picture. I keep all the pictures on file and try to get 3 or 4 of each letter. Over time, I hope to get the entire alphabet and refresh the letters to keep each new thing I do fresh.

For the Holidays, I created HAPPY HOLIDAYS photo art. I included personal pictures of my husband, dog and I in the extra spaces. Here's how I created my Holiday Art in color and black and white (which way do you like it?):

You could also form the letters in a long way:


or any other hodge podge way you want - or use another Holiday salutation (e.g. Merry Christmas) or one word (e.g. Peace).

Fill any blank spots with pictures of your family, or a Christmas tree, star or other timely photo.

Framing it: Use a panoramic photo frame or go to your local hobby store to get one custom made to fit whatever shape you create. To find the size of the frame you'll need, you can times how ever many photos across the length of the Photo Collage by 4 inches (for 4x6 picture sizes) to get the width you'll need for your frame. Then times the number of photos you have going down by 6 for the frame length.

For example, the one I created has eight 4x6 photos across the top (32 inches) and two 4x6 photos down the side (12 inches). You can save inches by overlapping photos as well - which I plan on doing.

I found some panoramic frames at Hobby Lobby, and they are currently 50% off.

So, after printing out my pictures in Black and White, I spread them out on the floor.

I need a new second "Y" - it printed horizonal instead of vertical. So I'll be working on my "Y" and framing it this weekend. I'll update you once it's done next week! Check back!