Chasing Davies: Make those Jeans stay in your Boots!

October 13, 2009

Make those Jeans stay in your Boots!

With the emergence of Fall and all this boot talk in the blogosphere, thought I'd share this little gem of tips from

Shop It To Me asked it's twitter followers (including me) to share how they keep their jeans tucked into their boots! Read all the suggestions and advice here.

Over the knee Boots on Kate Moss, Hillary Duff and Carrie Underwood

boots in jeans, boots over jeans
Jessica Alba boots over jeans
Boots in jeans
Some of the great tips include: Having your boots stretch to allow more room for your jeans to lay, Pulling up tight socks around your jeans first, Using an elastic around your jeans, elastic pant clips used by equestrians, etc...

What do you do to keep your jeans down and crisp? tricks?