Chasing Davies: Ebay Boots

October 26, 2009

Ebay Boots

I've been obsessed with boots lately... Tis' the season I guess. In the Midwest, we get lots of sleet, ice, wet icky stuff and it's already here. So in the winter, the footwear choice to keep dry and warm is boots. Boots, boots, boots.

I'm all about finding good deals - like my latest boots from Target that I'm LOVING. I like to buy boots at the end of the season from Banana Republic to get them on good sales, but we are just at the beginning of the season... so now I'm checking out Ebay...

Calvin Klein Over the Knee Boot in Brown
Size 9 - Bid at $118

Jimmy Choo Fur-Lined Boot
Size 39 (9) - Bid at $150

Coach Saxton Brown Riding Boots
Size 9 - Bid at $299

JCrew Brewster Black Leather Low Heel Boots
Size 9 - Bid at $114
More Sizes

Frye Black Leather Tina Tall Pleated Boots
Size 9 - Bid at $149

Ugg Corinth Cocoa
Size 9 - Bid at $197.50
More Sizes

Bandolino Burke Brown Boots
Size 9 - Bid at $89