Chasing Davies: July 2010

July 31, 2010

Outfit Inspiration: Bethenny Frankel

Have you been watching Bethenny Getting Married?  Obviously by now we know that she did indeed get pregnant, had a baby girl and is far more busy than previously shown on Real Housewives of NYC.

I have to say I like her way more (neurotic, hyper, stressing and all) on her own show than the Real Housewives.  I all the drama between her and whatever woman of the week, having to watch Alex (gross) and see more of the drama than the everyday life really weights her down.  I like Bethenny in her own environment.

Anyways, I also like her clothes!  During this season, I've been loving the small amount of this dress (at least I think it's a dress) that I can see as she narrates her way through the season:

Then I spotted this cute dress and the cut of the top really reminded me of Bethenny's!

The best part - this sweet dress is only $40 via Kohl's by Elle Contemporary Collection.  Uhhh...cute.

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July 30, 2010

Dress for Less: Sexy Red Dresses

Each of these red dresses can take you from summer to fall and back again.  You can't go wrong at all with a red dress.  And I love the little embellishments to each of these.  Did I mention one of these is half the price as the other?

*And take 15% off ANYTHING today and tomorrow (July 30-31) with promo code: JULYTHANKS to make that dress even cheaper. :)

Remix Challenge: Day 2

Day two is easy.  I think the first 2 weeks will probably be easy... it'll be the last two weeks when I need to start re-wearing what I've already worn in a different way.  That's when I'll need to get creative.  So for now, this is just an outfit:

This outfit makes me want these shoes in mint.

But speaking of shoes, I wore pink sandals:

Excuse the clashing pink, chipped nail polish on my toes.

Today I wore 3 pieces from my 30x30 picks:
Tiered Top from Marshalls - last worn with hot pink
Print Silk Skirt from Loft - last worn with stripes
Pink Sandals from Nordstrom's Rack - last featured here

July 29, 2010

Remix Challenge: Day 1

My first outfit of the 30x30 Remix Challenge is a complete rip off from Linda, my fav blogger outfit on Monday.  She wore a dress as a skirt to make her remix piece go further.  So my first outfit...

I wore 3 pieces for today's outfit.

Banana Republic Green Dress, worn as a skirt (you'll see it as a dress in the next 30 days)
JCrew Striped Top, a constant staple
Simply Vera for Kohls Pumps
Not counted as the 30x30, JCrew necklace

July 28, 2010

Low Fat Wednesday: Light Veggie Fettuccine

Want to spend less than 30 minutes on a meal?  Want to use only a few ingredients, things you most likely already have?  Trying to stay healthy, but want something yummy, too?  This recipe/dinner idea might be for you!

What you'll need to make light veggie (or just add chicken if you want some meat) fettuccine:

- 8-12 oz of Pasta Noodles: Fettuccine or Linguine (the noodles, not the mouse) - I used whole wheat
- Veggies of choice - I used asparagus and green bell peppers - all chopped up (I had about 3 1/2 cups)
- 1 1/2 cup Low fat cream cheese - I used Philadelphia
- 1 (or even a half of a) lemon
- 2 tsp Olive Oil


1. Boil the pasta noodles with the asparagus (optional, but a good little trick a friend told me about)

2. While pasta is cooking, in a sauce pan melt the light cream cheese and mix it with the olive oil and the juice from half of a squeezed lemon.

3. Drain the water from the noodles and Asparagus, then put back into the pan it cooked in and keep warm on low.  Add in any other veggies (here I added in green peppers because they didn't need to cook as much as the asparagus).
4. Once the sauce is melted, pour over noodles and veggies and toss to get a good coverage.
5. Eat!

 Includes lemon zest on top - for fun. :)

30x30 Remix Challenge

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and participating in the 30x30 Remix Challenge (as I hinted to Monday...).  I'll be documenting/posting my outfits for the next 30 days during this challenge.  What is this challenge?

1. Pick 30 pieces of clothing/shoes.
    - Accessories don't count (jewelry, belts, hats, etc)
2. For 30 days, only wear those 30 selected pieces.

That's it.  The challenge is to get creative and pick things you can mix and match to keep the pieces looking fresh!  And if you want more direction...check out one of the best remixers, Kendi Everyday's examples and more extensive how-to!

Ready to see my 30 pieces that I'm limited to for the next 30 days??

Eight Tops

Five Bottoms

Seven Dresses

Four Cardigans/Layers

Five Shoes

8 + 5 + 7 + 4 + 5 = 29, oh shoot!  I get one more item. :)  And that item is....

Can't go wrong with a classic button down

Ok, there - 30 pieces for 30 days...Wish me luck!

July 27, 2010

Shoe of the Day - Suede Pumps; Wear Now & Later

Wear these vibrant heels now or as Fall approaches - the perfect multi-season pumps that I MUST have!

Just need to decide what color I want...

Urban Outfitter Suede Pumps

What color should I get?!?

Oh, did I mention these pumps are UNDER $50.... ya.  So maybe two pairs?

Outfit of the Day: All Neutrals

Back to the basics for today's outfit.  I incorporated 3 neutrals...

Black dress from Target
Gray short sleeve cardi from Walmart
Cognac belt from Target
Gold Sandals from Target

= One Cheap Outfit!

July 26, 2010

Favorite Blogger Outfit: Challenge Inspiration

Alright, two parts to this blog.  First, Linda at Little Tin Soldier is participating in a fashion challenge, called 30 for 30 remix challenge.  She picked 30 pieces of clothing and is only wearing those pieces for 30 days.  Her outfit on day 13 was super creative, cute and made me want to join in on this challenge...(more on that to come):

Her adorable outfit:

She is wearing a dress as a skirt - so cute!

Linda also does something a bit different - getting to the second part of this post.  She is uber creative in other ways (besides the remix challenge) and draws up her outfit, too.  

Very cute!

Outfit Deets:
JCrew Dress/Skirt
Joie Alicia Tank
Corso Como Sandals

July 23, 2010

Shoe of the Day: Very Framiliar, But Cheaper!

Oh ya'll! I'm going to have to get today's shoe of the day!  Let's go back for a second... Remember these purple Bandolino wedge embellished shoes I loved (posted about a couple times), but never got (for some reason...)?

Well look at these pretty wedges that look verrrry similar:

And for the price ($27), a steal!
Lilliana Suede Ruffle Wedge

Now these I'm gonna need to get.

July 22, 2010

Breaking up the Gray and a HUGE Discount

As you might remember, I painted all my hallways and stairways gray that allowed the newly white trim really pop!  Slowly, I've broken up all the gray with the stairway makeover and was trying to decide on the mirror I got for the  hallway.  Well, the after all your great comments and feedback, and not wanting to deal with a sulking husband, I decided not to hang that mirror and instead....

Put this on the wall instead!  I saw this amazing picture on a blog I read, S.HopTalk and Suzanne was so kind to send me the hi-res photo when I contacted her about if I could buy the picture. I was so excited because upon seeing the photo on her blog, I immediately loved it!  It was just so pretty and fit perfectly with my house.

Then a couple days later, a Groupon popped up for $45 16x20 canvas with photo of my choice!  How perfect! I bought it and later uploaded the photo and got my new art work for only $45 total.  Even better news - You, too can get this deal!

Today that same company, Canvas by Demand, is offering another Groupon that ANYONE, ANYWHERE can purchase because this is for online order!  The Deal:

$45 for One 16"x20" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Including Shipping and Handling from Canvas on Demand ($126.95 Value)

Get this deal TODAY only (Thursday, July 22) by clicking here! However, you can use this gift certificate/credit now through October 23rd!  So if you don't have a photo yet - you have time to find one/take one before using your Groupon deal.

I had a great experience with Canvas on Demand.  They even upgraded my canvas size to 16x24 for no extra charge because my photo git that size better.  The canvas came securly and safely wrapped up and even came with wall hanging hooks and all.

If you are new to Groupon, I highly recommend taking the plunge!  These deals are NOT too good to be true - they are great deals and are true! :) I've gotten like 7 things via Groupon now and have had great experiences with using them all!  You just click the above link, enter your email and create a password and your are free to purchase these radically discounted offers!

Here are some more shots of my hallway with the new addition:


Outfit Inspiration: Dolce & Gabbana Opposites Attract

Leave it to Dolce & Gabbana to make "clashing" colors into one fabulous dress!  This dress has been circulating around on many...including one of the Biggest Loser contestants I posted about a few months ago - Ashley:

A fashion face-off between Holly Madison and Elizabeth Hurley:

And in a different brand, Reese Witherspoon has been spotted in a pretty red and pink dress:

And from all this great inspiration, this dress emerges to look similar and is very cute:

While this Ruche criss cross and wrap dress is lacking the contrasting colors, the light pink top and coral bottom provides the similar effect on a softer and more summery level.

July 21, 2010

Loft Fall Preview - My Highlights!

Loft Fall's duds are making their way to the stores and online, and I'm digging a few looks and pieces:

I love this slightly muted red dress, the ruffles mixed with the rough touch of leather belt and boots make this a perfect Fall outfit to me!

And speaking of leather....LOVE this leather jacket over the soft girlie floral-ruffle blouse.

You could even throw that leather jacket on over this pretty outfit for the chillier days.
This green with crystals tee looks perfect with the textured skirt!

What are you loving from Loft's Fall New Arrivals??

New House: Master Bedroom Furniture Painting

So, awhile ago I posted the mid-stage of where our bedroom was at.  You can remind yourself here. :), it's still the same.  But I'm getting back to it now.

I had a slight detour with staining the first piece of furniture. It just came out with way too much red in the brown.  So I had to re-sand it down and now I'm just thinking about paining it (vs. staining).  My current plan is to get it a really dark brown - almost black paint to go over the 1970s reddish brown with a pattern to it.  But now I'm starting to second guess myself and thinking maybe white is the way to go?

This is where you all come in!  I need your help, once again...

Keep in mind:

1. There are 4 pieces: 2 night stands, 1 long dresser and a tall armoire. Which is all probably too big or too much for the space, but oh well.  We have a lot of clothes.

2. Sometime soon, we'll be painting all the current sandy 1950s wood trim and doors white, so that will help open up the space more.

3. I'm STILL planning to make a headboard with a fun lime green pattern to add a splash of color and interesting visual.

4. I got this HUGE (estimated 4'10' long x 2'6' wide) mirror from HomeGoods (only $100!) for above the dresser (yet to be hung) that will also really open up the room.

Now, the bedroom with the furniture as it is now:


The options:

1. Paint the furniture Dark Almost Black-Brown, a la...

 The cabinets in this kitchen:
Benjamin Moore Bittersweet Paint Sample
Too chocolaty?

The vanity of this bathroom:

Behr Espresso Bean

Any other good dark brown, almost black, paint recommendations?

2. Or do I lighten way up and go with white paint for all this furniture??
I think then, I'd need to change the curtains (maybe to match the color of the headboard I make?),
as that would be too much white...

So what do you all think?  Brownish-Black or White paint for the furniture?  
Your help is appreciated!