Chasing Davies: 30x30 Remix Challenge

July 28, 2010

30x30 Remix Challenge

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and participating in the 30x30 Remix Challenge (as I hinted to Monday...).  I'll be documenting/posting my outfits for the next 30 days during this challenge.  What is this challenge?

1. Pick 30 pieces of clothing/shoes.
    - Accessories don't count (jewelry, belts, hats, etc)
2. For 30 days, only wear those 30 selected pieces.

That's it.  The challenge is to get creative and pick things you can mix and match to keep the pieces looking fresh!  And if you want more direction...check out one of the best remixers, Kendi Everyday's examples and more extensive how-to!

Ready to see my 30 pieces that I'm limited to for the next 30 days??

Eight Tops

Five Bottoms

Seven Dresses

Four Cardigans/Layers

Five Shoes

8 + 5 + 7 + 4 + 5 = 29, oh shoot!  I get one more item. :)  And that item is....

Can't go wrong with a classic button down

Ok, there - 30 pieces for 30 days...Wish me luck!