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September 26, 2016

Entertainment for your kids when you need it most.

We leverage screen time limited with our kids - and it's something I am constantly monitoring and checking (myself) on, because it's just so easy to turn on the TV, hand them my phone or let them use the computer/tablet in the many moments of need.  We have two Amazon Fire tablets for our kids that we use sporadically, like while out on the go/out to eat, traveling or at select times during the day to help entertain and educate. 

When I'm desperately trying to get dinner ready without my two getting into a fight over sharing, or in the morning when I'm running late (again), and trying to get myself ready (after having got the kids ready), Amazon Underground is an awesome resource to have at my fingertips.  It has a wealth of free apps, including educational ones, to help keep parents sane, but also not feel bad about how their spending their limited screen time.

The Amazon Underground catalog of totally free apps & games is part of the Amazon Appstore and gives you access to great content that you would normally have to pay for in “other” App and Play Store’s, but now at zero cost. AND Amazon Underground has over 300+ premium Education apps (Dr. Panda, Flashcard Machine, Easy French, etc.)!

This particular morning, I was running late to get to work early for a big project. So I pulled out my secret lucky charm and was able to entertain my earlier riser, Liam (while Nora was still sleeping),  over breakfast. I love that he was practicing his letters and visual space skills instead of zoned out to the TV, over his bowl of cereal.

Amazon Underground apps & games are available to those in the United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain and is only supported on 5th Generation (2012 – newer) and newer Fire tablets, and Android phones. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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September 22, 2016

3 Inexpensive Dates (without needing a Babysitter)!


Getting a babysitter isn't something we do a ton. Thankfully, we have my family in town that helps out here and there, when we need. But most of the time, we like to spend time as a family while the kids are young.  But it's also super important to continue to date your spouse.   

During the weekdays, after the kids have gone to bed, I tend to be glued to my computer - finishing work, catching up on email and/or blogging.  I really like the nights where I do something for myself or marriage.  And a glass (or bottle) of wine always makes those moments even more special. The Seeker is a new-to-me wine brand that I'm loving. I was immediately gravitated to their cute labels and wine varieties, and then found myself loving the flavors and tastes just as much.

It's a goal of mine to spend more quality alone time with my husband (and drink more wine!), so I wanted to share a few of my ideas/recommendations for easy dates without needing a babysitter!

1. Wine + Chit Chat

...Uninterrupted chit chat and without electronics, that is!  Pro tip: leave the room you are typically in - like for us, we're usually lounging in our family room in front of the TV (me working on my laptop, and my husband surfing Twitter on his iPad) - and head to a different space (like for us, our kitchen seating area).  Just switching up your environment can make it feel like you're somewhere else!

My husband is more of a beer and whisky drinker, but we can definitely agree on a good bottle of red wine.  This The Seeker bottle of a Malbec was delicious.  Super smooth with a hint of spices.  You can read about each of their wines (including what to pair them with if you are enjoying with a meal or snack) on their site.

2. Lunch Time Picnic

Either during the weekend when the kids are napping/having quiet time, or during the week while the kids are at school/daycare/parents day out - taking a break from work.  Everyone has to eat, right?  My husband and I have met for lunch a few times, and it feels so guilt-free.

I think another fun idea would be to turn that daytime lunch into a picnic - packing your own lunch and drink (saves money, too) and finding a shaded grassy spot to relax.  If the day of the week is right (or your afternoon isn't too busy...), grab a bottle of wine to enjoy the moment further.  I toggle back and forth between red and white wine - but when I'm outside, and especially if it's still warm, I tend to go for white or rosé.  The Seeker offers many varieties of wines - including a rosé and Sauvignon Blanc (my personal fav).

3. Patio Games

Another after-the-kids-have-gone-to-bed idea, is to head outside to your patio or porch (as far as your baby monitor will reach) with a bottle of wine (my summer go-to, Sauvignon Blanc by The Seeker) and a game (like cards or this fun Who Am I? guessing game).  

You don't have to worry about laughing too loud and waking the kids up - or being distracted by the mess, TV or computer.  Taking time away from that stuff is something I struggle with. I need to do it more, and getting outside helps me feel more removed from it.  Plus, playing a game helps to have more fun without the pressure of having a deep conversation or something. ;)

What are YOUR favorite easy, guilt-free date ideas?

The Seeker is globally conscious, dedicated to leaving a small carbon footprint. They use lightweight glass, recycled and recyclable, locally-sourced packaging materials wherever possible and their winemakers are committed to sustainable practices in the vineyard and winery. Seeking quality, distinction, and value is an ever-changing adventure.  

Find out where you can buy The Seeker here!  If you are in the Kansas City area, they are sold in many places - so you are sure to find one near you!

This post was sponsored on behalf of The Seeker Wines via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

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September 21, 2016

Favorite Wears: Green and Pink

hunter green and light pink color combo for fall transition

Summer into fall has me over everything in my closet.  So, I have been wearing this dress on repeat.  It's the perfect transition piece, a fall color, but swingy and light for the still-warmer temps.  And I am loving green + pink for now and later. I feel like the pop of pink kind of feminizes all that green.

So, my current color combo crush, and helping me get through this transition into fall, is hunter green and blush pink!  What is YOUR favorite color combo right now?

{Outfit Details: Dress, Sneakers, Purse, Sunnies - from the streets of Austin (similar here & here), Lipstick in Heat Wave, Necklace c/o One Necklace}

 Photos in this post taken by the uber talented and sweet Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography.  She shoots portraits, engagements/weddings and lifestyle sessions all around Kansas City.  You can follow here on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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