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October 25, 2016

Favorite Wears: Fall Denim


October has been a really crazy month for me - as you might be able to tell from my snaps on Snapchat (ChasingDavies) or the lack of posts here. And I hope to get caught up eventually (as well as take some much needed days off to do things like laundry....hah!) So, my wardrobe and outfits have had to work with my on-the-go lifestyle this month for sure - and that means sneakers, layers and neutrals.

I have travelled 5 different times this month already, and will end the month in New Orleans.  It's been mostly for work - but a little fun in there, too, and lucky for me, my work is pretty fun.  My team and I developed a campaign for our client, Tennessee Tourism, in partnership with Garth Brooks and were live with awesome stories of Garth and Tennessee in celebration of his historic 7 diamond achievement all month long.  

We kicked it off the campaign at the beginning of the month with a surprise Garth performance at the Bluebird, continued with stories on Snapchat via Tennessee channel and culminated in a free concert with Garth and guest artists last night in Nashville.  You can still catch some of it on Tennessee Snapchat!

I'm hobbling home today, and completely exhausted, but feeling accomplished and proud.  Proud of the team I work with, all the hard work that totally paid off and the end result that made for one heck of a night for 10,000+ people!  Next stop... New Orleans!

{Outfit Details: Dress - old from Eileen Fisher, Jean Jacket, Sneakers, Necklace c/o Tulip on the Plaza, Bag c/o}

 Photos in this post taken by the uber talented and sweet Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography.  She shoots portraits, engagements/weddings and lifestyle sessions all around Kansas City.  You can follow here on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

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October 19, 2016

Mama & Mini Style Collective: Fall Sweaters!

The first sign of cooler weather - the slightest color change to the leaves - the slightly crispier mornings - the days getting ever so shorter... I pull out my stack of favorite sweaters and look for new ones to rotate in to my collection. There is nothing better than a good sweater to layer onto summery clothes (all about extending their wears despite my love for Fall/Winter clothing) or snuggle up in to stay warm.

I am LOVING this thinner sweater duster for now and will love it into cooler weather, too. Gray Monroe is the cutest online boutique with all kinds of things + cute sweaters.  I love how their clothing is super on trend and has something to it that makes it more than basic, but is also super wearable - perfect for those Fall days spent outside with messy and wild toddlers. :)

Nora is following in her big brother's steps - loves to be outside kicking a ball, playing in dirt or just about anything active.  I love it - and I also like that her energy doesn't have to impact what she wears!  She can still look a lil' bit girly with leggings that come with reinforced knees and shoes that have sneaker-like soles that are approved by American Pediatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development. Pediped have shoes for infants on up to kids - providing different types of soles unique for each stage, and I love how they mix comfort and safety with cute designs!

I particularly love these gold Mary Jane styled shoes because Nora can put them on herself!  So, if you need us, we'll just be outside this Fall, loving the slightly cooler weather (wish the oak mites would go away!) and getting dirty.

{Outfit Details: MAMA - Sweater c/o, Tank, Jeans c/o, Sneakers (old, but similar here!); NORA - Top via thredUp, Leggings, Shoes c/o}

Make sure to check out Sandy, Laura and Carly's blogs, too, and see how they're wearing sweaters!

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October 17, 2016

My Skin Care Routine, for my 30s!

Once I got to my 30s, I really thought I wouldn't have to worry as much about my skin - because surely I was way to old for ongoing acne, and not too old to worry about wrinkles (yet).  Like this would be primetime for my skin, ya know? But I was wrong. Not only do I still have adult acne, but wrinkles aren't just creeping in, they're popping up overnight. 

And regardless if you have the same exact issues as me (adult acne and/or the beginning of wrinkles), your late 20s to early 30s (and of course, it is never too late to start) is exactly when you should be establishing a smart skin routine.  At this point, it's about prevention and maintenance - but also finally getting control of your various skin problems, inconsistencies and/or challenges.  Your best bet is to root your routine in esteemed specialist and quality products for your best results.

So, I've been dabbling in services and testing different products to find something that fits my lifestyle (i.e. time available to dedicate) and skin concerns.  I was so excited when my OB/GYN and Doctor who delivered my babies opened Kansas City Wellness Center, now offering wellness services. Dr. Carter and her staff are super friendly, and were up to answering all my millions of questions.  

Upon my first visit to KC Wellness Center, I didn't exactly know what I wanted, or what I needed - and that was totally cool. They helped guide me into a starter skin care plan for home and with services.  We decided on my first services - both using the BBL (BroadBand Light) to help with acne and anti-aging.  I was worried the laser treatment would hurt - but it didn't really.  Just a quick, little pinch like feeling.  And my skin was just a little blotching when I was done.

Forever Young Broadband Light (BBL)
This is what is going to help my skin stay younger looking longer!  And after initial services, you only need it a couple times a year!

I have just had one set of services and  just started implementing new products into my at home regime - so will be sure to share with you my progress as they come and learnings I gain!  

Right now, I'm using ZO Skin Health products by ZEIN OBAGI, MD - medical grade skin care products.  After talking to Dr. Carter and her team, she recommended the best ones and the regime that would work best for me.  

For my acne issues... I am LOVING this AkneBright Acne Spot and Pigmentation Treatment.  It helps attack those problem areas directly, while the Te-Pads of Acne Pore Treatment help treat larger areas (like my whole face).  I use these several times a week as needed.

By morning, I wash my face with Exfoliating Anti-Aging Cleanser (which also helps with Acne).  Then I use the Daily Power Defense, which is a lightweight moisturizer that helps protect and repair your skin.  And finally, I apply a tinted sunscreen primer that makes my face feel so super soft and smooth. 

At night, I use an every day cleanser like CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.  Then I slather (but lightly) C-Bright Serum which is 10% Vitamin C which works to brighten and re-texturize your skin. It feels so good.  I use the Growth Factor Serum Plus Anti-Aging Formula at night to allow it to seep into my skin overnight. It helps strengthen the skin, reducing lines and fighting against future wrinkles.

Then, ever few days, I use the Exfoliating Polish for a deep clean that makes for an even-toned complexion.   You can also check out their Program & Kits and always talk to your wellness doctor about what products make the most sense for you and your skin!

Products and services were complimentary, though all opinions are my own. 

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