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August 24, 2016

Mamas & Minis Style Collective: Back to School & Gender Neutral + $100 GIVEAWAY!

Dinosaur gender neutral Kid Clothing

My little girl, Nora, absolutely loves anything and everything her big brother, Liam, loves (and does).  If he's wearing shorts, she wants to wear shorts, if he is playing with race cars, she is playing with race cars, and so on.  I actually really love that she'll play with cars, not worry about getting dirty and a skinned knee doesn't phase her. 

One of my new favorite brands is Mitz Apparel & Accessories, a company that recently completed their first Kickstarter campaign successfully, is celebrating gender equality clothing for kids (and offering one of you a chance to win $100 in credit - see bottom of this post!).  Now they are up and running, and taking and fulfilling orders for their all gender neutral clothing line!  Their mission is to to empower both boys and girls and encourage kids to be who they want to be (and wear what they want to wear!). 

I'm all about letting my kids pick out their own clothing and outfits (even if sometimes it makes me grimace), but typical stores really guide that choice in what types of prints/patterns and colors are offered for boys vs. girls. If Nora wants to wear flowers or dinosaur prints, I celebrate each of those choices - and she should be able to have that choice!  And if Liam wants to wear pink or blue, each should be totally normal.  

So, I'm trying to do a better job in including my kids' in our back to school/fall shopping so they hav have input in what they wear.  When I whipped out these 'must love dinosaur' print pieces, they both flipped with excitement (cool mom award).  It is a print they both loved instantly, and especially loved the addition of the cute dino-spikes on the back (which are made from recycled soda bottles!).  We got so many compliments on these when we were at the park, and hope that other brands will also start to offer more gender neutral options for kids.

My back to school/fall must have is a denim jacket.  Come cooler weather, I'm digging out my denim pieces and layering them on. Denim is also a great gender-neutral item for kids into adults.  I think as we age, we have more options - and finding more gender neutral items for adults seems to be a bit easier.

{Outfit Details: MAMA - Dress (on sale!), Denim Jacket, Pink Sneakers, Sunglasses: NORA - Dress c/o, Sandales c/o; LIAM - Shirt c/o}

Mitz Accessories wants to help you stock up for back to school with your own cute, gender neutral patterns on clothing and accessories!  One reader will win $100 of credit to Mitz to shop their selections for your own littles!  I can't wait to see what you get!  Enter via the Rafflecopter below:

Make sure to check out Lipgloss & Crayons, Sandy a la Mode and Walking in Memphis in High Heels for more ways to style Mitz Accessories gender neutral clothing (we all got different prints/patterns - so you'll get to see several options) & denim for Fall!

You can see past post Mama Style posts from this series right here!

Thanks to Mitz Accessories for partnering with us on this post!

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August 22, 2016

The Generous Pour Event Not to Miss!

Last weekend, a couple girlfriends and I met up for an impromptu happy hour that quickly turned into a girls night out!  Thanks to my husband for being flexible and on dad duty that night. It was just what I needed to make me remember what it was like to be young and spontaneous again. ;)  And then super tired the next day, haha (I'm old).

The Capital Grille on the Country Club Plaza invited us to experience their Generous Pour event happening now through September, 4th.  This is an event not to be missed, guys - it's such an awesome deal. Only $28 with purchase of dinner, and if you don't like a wine - they'll take it off your ticket, but they'll also help guide you through the selection to suit your palate.  

The Generous Pour is a wine tasting event and the theme of this year is "Rebels, Rule Breakers & Game Changers."  They have 7 different wines that are all unique to Capital Grille - 3 whites and 4 reds. They've chosen wines that live up to this year's theme, but also can be paired with your dining experience (meal, appetizer and/or dessert choices), and offer something for everyone (even if you are not typically a wine drinker).

We started out with crisp white wines - which I'm partial to in the summertime.  My favorite was probably the Provenance Sauvignon Blanc (bottle shown above), which has an interesting story!  The wine makers actually gambled when planting the sauvignon blanc grapes, and did so in region known for making red wine in Rutherford, CA.  The gamble paid off, and this wine is clean and citrusy (and I now instantly wish I was sipping on a glass while typing this).

We started the evening with Capital Grille's Tuna Tartare, which is a glorious tower of tuna stacked over delicious and fresh avocado, mango and Sriracha!  My favorite (and from what I hear around town, everybody's favorite) Cap Grille bartender (but they're all good!), Jenny, helped match up the perfect wine from the event with this dish.  We sipped a Chardonnay and the pairing was, of course, spot on.

But, on the off-chance you just REALLY don't like wine, or not feeling it on the particular day of your visit, not to worry, because Capital Grille has some of the best cocktails, bartenders and options of any restaurant in Kansas City. I'm never disappointed.  And their food, well that just speaks for itself.  Best in class I tell ya.  And now I'm starving... 

You guys have got to get there before this event is over!

Thanks for having me to taste, sip and chat all about wonderful food and unique wines, Capital Grille!  We had a great girls night enjoying it all and can't wait to come back.

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August 18, 2016

Rehabbing our Sleep Routines

Summer is winding down (and for many, school is already back in session), and that means getting back on schedule.  While our summer schedule didn't change much, since both of my kids are not yet in grade school, summer still brings extra light, extra things to do and more fun, thus causing later than usual nights (Olympics are also not helping! Kids have loved watching them.).  And we've been paying for it each and every mornings during the week!  The kids are conveniently way too tired to get going on the weekdays (causing lots of nagging and running late), but up and at 'em on the weekends just fine (why does this always happen that way?!?!).

Did you know that 3 to 5 year olds need 11 to 13 hours of sleep a day?! 
(learn more about good sleep habits for your kids here.) 

Children's Mercy's Dr. Rochelle Harris in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics provides tips for getting back into a routine for best sleep: "Getting back in a good sleep routine is huge, but kids can’t reset the night before school starts. The recommendation is at least a week out from the school year, begin getting up at the appropriate time and also begin a night time sleep schedule. Good sleep hygiene should be practiced. That means turning off ALL electronics 45 minutes to an hour before sleep. Phones, tablets, and televisions produce light that keeps the brain from producing melatonin which helps everyone fall to sleep naturally." You can find more sleep tips for your kids here!

I think a routine helps take out the surprises for our kids.  It keeps them in a familiar zone and reduces the stress when it's time to transition from one thing to another.  Transitional games/activities also help us get from whatever they were doing before starting to think through bedtime (i.e. TV) to our bedtime routine without the abruptness.  We will play hide in seek or quiet games or solo play (like with Dooplos or Legos) before heading upstairs.

 We hit the bathroom first.  If it's bath night, we start with the tub, but if not, we start with going potty, washing hands and brushing teeth.  The kids will sometimes drag this part out by playing in the sink or with water, but we dangle the next step at them to encourage them to wrap it up...

Books!  We always read books at night and the kids love it (dangling books to get them out of the bathroom works most of the time).  This is a great time to calm down and relax while prepping for sleep. Each kid gets to pick out a book to read and we read all together.  After books, we turn off the lights and sing songs. It's all about the subtle transitions from one thing to the next, easing our way into the dark and to sleep.

The final touch is all about white noise.  We use a mix of music and a fan.  The fan acts as the white noise, but also keep the room cooler and air moving. I personally love sleeping with the fan on (even when the weather is cooler).  The music both of my kids listen to is a 500+ song playlist that my husband poured over.  He picked a mix of songs that fell under a 85 beats per minute (softer and slower songs ideal for calming and sleeping).

If you feel like your child might have more serious sleep issues, Children's Mercy has a Sleep Lab, which you can learn more about and preview here.  And for other helpful parenting content, make sure to visit, and follow Children’s Mercy on Facebook and Twitter for more everyday parenting tips!

This post is in partnership with Children's Mercy Hospital.  All opinions are my own, and ultimately, just so glad we have this gem in our city and they have rich content online to help us all navigate the would of parenting!

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