October 24, 2014

Outfit styling mixing high & low

holiday outfit idea leopard coat, lacde dress, pink heels
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I love mixing higher end designer pieces with lower priced affordable pieces to make the most of each (hello versatility, a theme here as of late). Now, I do not own a ton of designer stuff, but as I focus on adding quality items to my closet, I've started to expand that direction.  I love that I can mix those pieces with my more trendy or simple, but less expensive clothing.

I put together two looks that include high and affordable priced components starting with designer shoes, Balenciaga, in two colors I'm drawn to right now: royal blue and hot pink.

fall outfit idea
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I put these looks together easily using Lyst - which helped me discover new brands and style looks not matter the price point (or you can sort by price point, too!).  It's a really personalized and interactive shopping destination that is completely user friendly.  This post was created in partnership with Lyst! You should check them out and create your own wish lists or style outfits using their tool.

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October 23, 2014

Baby Nora: 11 month update!

I've found the magic ingredient to getting my baby (soon to be toddler... sniff sniff) to hold still long enough for my camera's shutter speed.... a play pizza cutter!  Every child should have one (Nora is lucky enough to have a big brother that has one and keeps it stored away on the floor, right in our walking path into the kitchen).  She loves anything that she's seen her brother play with, anything!

This past month has been busy, but fall always is.  We cram-pack our weekends with anything outdoors we can think of now that the weather is nice!  We went apple picking and to the pumpkin patch, which Nora loved both.  She watches her big brother frolic around, but takes it all in. She loves being new places, looking around, watching others and will even crawl around herself, venturing out to explore.  My favorite thing about getting out and doing anything, everything (!), is watching my babies experience it.  Everything is so fascinating, which makes me relive it all through a fresh perspective and I realize, it is amazing, this is really fun.  That's life, right?  

This month was a big one for Nora-bean, too.  We were having a really hard time getting her to eat anything remotely solid, well - we were just doing it wrong!  We kept trying to give her baby food with little chunks in it and she wasn't liking it.  So, we ventured out and gave her REAL food, like turkey burger, peas, cheese, chicken, beans (etc etc) and just cut it up really small. Or let her munch on crackers and bread that dissolves super easy.  Anyways - it took, it clicked, she LOVES it all (well, most of it... we're still working on the veggies...).

Physically, she is free-standing, sometimes just standing up right in the middle of the room with no assistance.  She'll walk around holding on to our fingers or something steady - but she hasn't tried to walk on her own yet, she'll sit right down with a giggle if you try.  But the girl can crawl, she is speedy, so no issues getting around. :)

She graduated from the infant room at school, into the movers room. I can't believe that happened already.  She has some of the same teachers Liam did - it's so surreal (how are we already here again?!).  She is wearing pretty much all 2-pieces now (vs. onesies) and her Freshly Picked moccs almost everyday (we need to get another pair...).  She loves to flip through board books, make sounds with instruments, sing and babble to herself, watch her brother, cuddle, play with my jewelry and laugh. She is the smiliest baby I've ever seen - she's so fun to be with.

So now... now I have to plan her first birthday party.  Well - the planning has started, and actually, invites have started to go out, but I'm in a bit of denial. Nora a one year old?  Doesn't make any since. In my head, I'm still on maternity leave, cuddling with her everyday, going to Target and on walks waiting for our boys to come home... 

 {Nora's outfit: Shirt; Jeans; Shoes}

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October 22, 2014

3 ways to wear a white dress right now

I love wearing white all year around, but you definitely have to style your summer white pieces differently come fall and winter.  Make sure you pair your summer items with knits, winter patterns, textures and items that will keep you, well, warm! Here are 3 ways I'm wearing my favorite white, eyelet dress from summer right now:
1. Pair with plaid (and my favorite, buffalo check) and metallics.  This look is a more glamorous version of cozy-chic and could easily go from day to night:

2. Layer with more white! But pick wintery pieces, like a sweater with more texture to make the two pieces look different from one another!  

3.  Go sporty!  This fleece varsity jacket could not be more comfortable - and it's warm! In this case, the feminine details of this dress (as many summer dresses employ) help balance out the athletic-inspired pieces:

{Outfit details: Dress - c/o Boden, Red Lips & Sunglasses - c/o Firmoo worn with... 1. Buffalo Check Jacket (this one would be cute, too!); Necklace; Earrings; Wedges 2. Sweater - Old Navy (last year, similar); Pearl Earrings - old (similar); Boots 3. Varsity Jacket (on sale!); Necklace - Forever 21; Sneakers - J.Crew (sold out; similar & same style}; Red Purse - c/o Fossil}

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