October 30, 2014

Winterizing my hair for colder months ahead

I always think of my skin come the colder months, stocking up on lotions and moisturizers for every part of my body and face.  I dig out my sweaters and coats, rearranging my closets.  I pull out all my warm living room throws and heavier comforter for my bed.  All that preparation for winter, I find myself forgetting about my hair.  

Dove has a new line of products that nourishes your hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy, yet leaves your hair 5x silkier when using the complete system!  I've been using the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil trio of shampoo, conditioner and treatment (African Macadamia oil and Coconut oil) and love the way it feels, smells and makes my hair shinny despite the drier and colder weather. Come winter, my hair won't dry out and I'll be ready!

My night time hair routine starts in the shower with Dove Pure Care Dry Oil shampoo and conditioner.  After the shower, I dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt!  Just whatever is clean in my drawer (I'll use a few times in a row before washing, hanging it to dry with my towel). This is one of my hair tricks to lessening the frizz.  Terry cloth towels just pull at your hair in all the wrong ways.  Since switching to a t-shirt, I've had to combat less frizz after each wash.  I continue to smooth and nourish my hair by applying 2-3 pumps of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil treatment.

Then I sleep on it.  On wet hair.  My husband thinks I'm crazy - but it seriously saves me time in the morning (by showering at night) and alleviates my hair from too much heat by cutting out the hair dryer altogether.  And since this treatment oil is proven to absorb quickly, I don't have to worry about getting it on my pillow case. :)

In the morning, I fix my erratically curly and crimped hair with a curling iron, creating soft waves and use a small flat iron to smooth down all my short hairs from post-baby hair loss.

Interested in trying it yourself? Right now is a great time to try this product line out! Dove Hair is daring women everywhere to try Dove Pure Care Dry Oil, risk-free now through December 31, 2014. If you are not completely satisfied with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil system, Dove will refund your purchase (from 9/21 – 12/31). Visit hairmoneyback.com for details.

Make sure to tag your social photos with #silkyhairdare and #silkyhairdaresweeps for prices (see Dove.com for more info on that)!  

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October 29, 2014

Preparing for Nora's 1st Birthday!

first brunch birthday party idea for baby girl

I can't believe Nora is already almost one years old.  She doesn't even seem that old... in my mind she is just the little, cuddly baby who was born practically yesterday.  Time has really flown by fast this last year and despite not mentally being ready for my baby to be one, I've started preparing for the big day.  The first birthday party, of course!  

Nora's birthday falls at the start of a busy holiday season (and Liam's comes smack in the middle of it - good timing, huh?), so I knew I wanted to do a brunch-style party.  But that's about all I had in mind when I took to Tiny Prints to look for the perfect invitation, and a little party inspiration guidance.

From there, I have decided on a garden party theme (going super girly here, folks... why not?!) and below I'm sharing a bit of my plans and inspiration.  Over the next few weeks, we'll see how much I can execute in the realm of DIY and what else I might come up with. 

Because this party falls between meal times, I feel like I can have more fun with this!  I plan to do a Donut Bar (inspired by this bridal shower) instead of a typical cake, however, I'll have a small smash cake for Nora. Other less-sugary edibles will be provided as well (I'm thinking quiche, because yum).

Mimosas for the parents (after all, it's a celebration of surviving this first year, too!) and virgin mimosas for everyone else (aka, orange juice).

DIY Project Plans:
1. Spray paint Mason Jars and a variety of other glass vases that I hope to thrift (and let's be honest, potentially anything else in my eye sight) gold to fill with a few flowers each and spread around the house and on the dessert/food table.

2.  Create a table and photo backdrop with strips of floral fabric tied to a stick (inspiration from Casey's beautiful one here + the stick I used to hang white streamers for Liam's first party).

3. Floral embellished number "1" to hang as decor (I did something similar with coffee filters for Liam's winter one-derland themed first party and similar to this pretty one here).

Party Activities:
Besides eating, seeing if Nora will smash into some cake and watching her first annual photo video?  I'm thinking of having a little floral crown DIY station for the bigger kids and adults (this tutorial looks pretty easy!).

Other than that, I'm still thinking... but I'm also trying not to go overboard! Any other ideas you think I should consider?

And of course, I'll make sure to share a recap of the big day here after the party.

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October 28, 2014

Fall Trends with LuLu's: Knits, a Winter Must Have!

It's easy to throw on a sweater with jeans, but always trying to switch things up and do something a little different... I have been loving the look of a cozy, winter knit layered over a dress (a summer-ish one at that!). So, I layered this old bright pink sweater over this soft pink LuLu's maxi dress, pulled on my trusty booties and with a metallic gold purse, this outfit could transition from day to night. 

 And can we just talk about the best accessory of all? That little, about to be, one year old there.  She is the best.  Still lacking much hair, but the cheeks make up for that.  And if she's anything like her big bro, she'll have more hair than we know what to do with soon enough, but not too soon, because I'm already sobbing in my coffee cup every morning as she does something oldish.  Seriously... it goes too fast.

As soon as this weather actually straightens up (it was 80 degrees last weekend... I mean, sorta loved it for a second, but I'm all about fall weather of a bit crisper temperatures), you'll see that sweet Nora-bean styling knits of her own.

{Outfit details: Sweater - old from J.Crew; Dress, worn as a skirt - c/o LuLu's; Gold Bag - J.Crew via Twice (great way to buy high-quality secondhand pieces); Pink Lips; Booties; Necklace - old (similar style); Sunglasses - Forever21 (similar style)}

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Thanks to LuLus.com for sponsoring this series, though all thoughts on trends and styling are strictly my own! LuLu's is just a fantastic, affordable place you can consider when refreshing your own Fall wardrobe!

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