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December 13, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Liam!


SIX!!!  Before you know it, I'll be saying he's headed off to college and crying my eyes out (do I say this every year?). This has been a BIG year for Liam (and us). He started Kindergarten and has been learning all the things so fast!  He's figuring out his emotions - what frustration is when he is learning new, hard things. He's learning patience when his sister wants all the attention. He's responsible for things - like homework, and as a now-6 year old, he'll be taking on even more (like cleaning up his dang toys!). It's hard to be a kid!

And he's like a real human-being at this point. I can have full on conversations with him, hang out with him and laugh, play games, chit-chat, watch movies, cuddle, etc etc. It's bittersweet to see my baby become a big kid - a friend of mine. I like him a lot.  He's very sweet and caring at the end of the day, and I'm so proud of that. 

His sister absolutely LOVES him. He is her favorite human. She gets so excited when he gives her attention and whenever she sees him. I know little sisters can be so annoying at times (especially since Nora knows all of Liam's buttons to push....), but I know he loves her, too. ;) . Even if he doesn't always admit it.  They've really taken to playing with each other a lot this last year. They will entertain themselves playing games (like boardgames and playing school) - and they love to pair up together to trick us (parents).

Liam has the BEST laugh. His big smile and laugh reveals his new teeth coming in. For the longest time this last year it was missing one or both of his front teeth. Now that his big teeth are coming in, he looks even older!  He's playing adding on to his sports (basketball this winter, baseball this coming spring) - but still LOVES soccer.  He loves to play sports in the backyard when it's nice out.  One of my favorite traits is that he's always up for an adventure! 

I just can't believe he's already 6. I love you, Liam!

 Happy Birthday to my big kid! I love you!

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December 12, 2017

Favorite Wears: Sheer Holiday Wear


text The title sounds way more scandalous than this outfit is. In reality this outfit is just the perfect excuse to wear LEGGINGS to a holiday party. And that's just what I did this past weekend for my work holiday shindig. I was very comfortable, let me just say. And I already have ideas how to weather this sheer dress/top thing again... in a more casual way over jeans (and maybe even sneakers). I'll keep you posted.

For now, any remaining holiday parties or upcoming NYE parties, I suggest going sheer!  To spice it up a bit more, you could wear over faux-leather leggings (like these that I'm wearing). I've rounded up, not only my exact one, but other options + my new favorite black tank that I'm wearing under this dress:

What do you think about wearing sheer over a solid layer?

Photos by the talented Elizabeth of Elizabeth Ladean Photography.  
She shoots portraits, engagements/weddings and lifestyle sessions all around Kansas City.  You can follow here on Facebook here and on Instagram here to see more of her work!

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December 7, 2017

Kansas City's WinterFest!


I had no idea that Worlds of Fun was even open this time of year, let alone transformed into a winter wonderland of holiday cheer, festive lights and even open rides (and so much more). We took the kids to the WinterFest last weekend, arriving just in time to see the tree lighting ceremony.  The entire park was lit up, trees decorated and all the different areas of the park transformed into holiday scenes and themes, entertainment galore and tons to do - so much to do we didn't even get to the half of it!

But we did manage to do a little bit of a lot! A few highlights include: Nora riding her first ride, Liam having a long chat with Santa (Nora still not into him), drinking hot cocoa, watching Greg ride a little kid ride, and mostly, seeing how excited the kids were the whole night. We didn't intend to stay so late, but we were all having so much fun that the kids didn't go to bed until 3 hours past their bedtime (we paid for it the next day... but it was worth it).

We caught a couple songs of the Cool Yule Christmas Show (very well done live singing/dancing of some of our favorite holiday songs), and Nora's reaction was amazing.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen on my Stories. But essentially, she was in jaw-dropping awe.  It was a pretty fun night as a family!

If you are in Kansas City, I definitely recommend going - happening now through December 30th on select days!  You can even go for free with a purchase of a 2018 Gold Pass.  

This is not sponsored, but tickets were provided.

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