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July 25, 2016

Creative Way To Re-Organize Your Make-Up & Save Counter Space

For months (years?) my husband has subtly and not so subtly asked me to re-organize my make-up that has, over the years, grown to take up an entire half of our small hall bathroom (that the kids and guests use).  I didn't disagree with him - but we didn't have a lot of other options... we share an even smaller master bathroom that is more of my beauty things (hair and skin) and his things.  And our hall closet is stuffed with towels, sheets, backup products, meds, travel products, etc.

Enter a trip to Hobby Lobby, 3 new Creative Options storage compartments and a couple hours of cleaning and organizing later... We have counter space again.  And now I'm looking around my house for other things I could use a variety of these functional storage boxes for.

But before I move on to other spaces, here is how I tackled this space:

So, I purchased a few different sizes of Creative Options' project boxes - which came with inserts so you can customize each box to the specific sized compartments you need.  While Creative Options storage boxes are typically for crafting supplies, they come in some any different sizes and styles that you can really get creative with them.

They actually make fantastic make-up storage!  They are easy to open/close for easy access, clear - so you can see which one you need to grab, and durable for stacking.  I chose to get 3 different sizes so that I could organize each one by products/stage of when I am using specific beauty products. 

My Three Boxes:

I used the medium utility box for my skin products (daily lotion, make-up primer, foundations, under eye concealer and blemish cover-up.

I used the small utility box for my lip sticks and glosses (that aren't scattered across all my purses), and blush.

Then, I use the larger utility box for most everything else - eye liner, shadows, mascaras, special occasion make-up, etc.

And the best part.  I now can take them out and put them away easily in the cabinet space below the sink. So, all the products are out of sight when I am not using them, but super simple to grab, open and use  and keep the products organized when I am. 

I think I'm actually going to get another medium sized one to organize some other miscellaneous beauty products (like bronzer, brushes, brush cleaner, etc) that are stashed in a drawer and in pencil holder currently.

Make Up Organizing Tip
Beauty Products organizing and storing

What is your best organizing tips (for anything!) or pain points??

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July 23, 2016

Top 10 Things to Get from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Ok guys - the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening now and it's fully open to all!  Pounce while there is still inventory on the best stuff.  This is a great time to shop Nordstrom, because it's seriously great deals on name-brand/premium pieces for all seasons.

It's also a bit overwhelming.  So, I'm sharing the top 10 things that I'm interested in - and maybe that will help you sort through all the options and inspire you!  Make sure to share in the comments below what you get from the sale!

1. Booties - I love the cut-outs on the sides that make them unique from what I already own, but also easier to wear almost all year around!  Save $50 on these!

2. Coat - This one looks so luxe, and I'm flat out obsessed with the bright coral color (love bright coats to punch up a drab winter day).  How much do you think this looks?! I thought it would be way more than it is... only $130 ($70 off!!!).  This neutral coat is super cute, too!

3. High-Waisted Workout Leggings - I love the addition of mesh on so many leggings recently - great way to keep cool, and I'm forever sold by the high-waist!  These are $20 off and only $38, so the only question is to get the black, blue or both?!

4. Philosophy's Purity 32 oz Cleanser + Travel Size - My favorite facial wash!  So simple, clean and works.  A $79 value for $53!

5. Cashmere Cardigan - Versatile, soft and comes in 4 great colors - stock up on cashmere now.  Ahem...and quickly, because $80 off...ahem.

6. Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System - I have really been considering finally getting one of these things. Everyone I talk to who has it, loves it...  $50 off!

7.  Swimsuit - Never too late to stock up on a good suit! There is still lots of summer ahead + fall/winter vacations and even next summer! This one is $50 off!

8.  Earrings - I have been on a super minimalistic jewelry kick, so naturally I love these, but they are also a bit larger, so a bit more of a statement, too! They are only $25!

9. Purse - this classic Kate Spade will go with everything.  And it's $100 off!

10, Sneakers - Athliesure and sneaker wearing shows now signs of slowing down. I love the fresh all white take on this classic pair - $20 off!

Shop the pieces here, too!

Remember to share in the comments good pieces and finds you score!  Good luck out there. ;)

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July 22, 2016

Training for the Go Girl Run Race with my Kids!

I was on a role, working out consistently and running longer, more often before hitting the road for vacation a couple of weeks ago (remember my goal about getting back into running?).  Then coming back to catching up on life has me buried in email, laundry and numerous other to-dos that I've gotten a bit off track.  Sometimes I wonder if vacation is even worth it when you come back to even more stress from being out.

Getting back outside (or inside to the gym with the most current 100+ degree temps) to move is also key.  With my kids getting a bigger and older, I'm trying to incorporate some of my workouts into quality time spent with them.  So last week we set out on a family walk/jog/bike ride.  Liam and I kept going a bit longer, farther and faster - and I found it was a pretty good and entertaining workout!

I had to work really hard to keep up with him at times, and he thought it was pretty funny to go slow and then go super fast so he could pass me.  I used this run to break in my new New Balance running shoes - and I already love them.  They are super light weight, but support my slightly higher-than-average arch, plus - they're really cute (even my husband said so!).

I'm really excited to be one of the official ambassadors to this September's Go Girl Run race in the south KC area (at Prairiefire), and using these New Balance sneakers to get me there.  I'm signed up for the 5K - and this will be my first time with this particular race, but I've heard fantastic things about it.  I'm particularly excited about 

Register here!

I'm happy that I can also do some of my workouts and preparation jogs with my kids (sometimes as my motivation out in front of me!).  With young kids, a career and an overall busy schedule - getting creative in sneaking in healthy actives are key.

If you are interested in signing up for the Go Girl Run 5K or 1/2 Marathon and joining the awesome community of women walkers, joggers and runners out there - do so here!  And let me know if you'll be there! I'd love to look out for you and help keep each other going. :)

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