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February 17, 2018

Sweet Baby Sprinkle


One of my dear friends, Bre, is having her second baby girl any day now!  Last month we gathered and my current favorite brunch/lunch spot, American Slang Modern Brasserie, to celebrate!  You can see my last visit for more pics on the bright space here.  I love hosting a brunch or lunch at a pretty space for any kind of get together, but especially celebrations, like showers/sprinkles. It's a nice way to celebrate without all the stress that comes with hosting at my own home.  We kept it simple so that we could enjoy this time together with the girls chatting and eating. 

My friend Tiff (who has a vegetarian blog here), and co-planner, brought these beautiful flowers from the Little Flower Shop that added the perfect decor to the table for the occasion - and we kept the decoration at that since the space was also already so bright and pretty.  I love all the gifts she got - when it's your second, especially the second of the same gender, you get things that are just fun and sweet, vs items you need!  One of the gifts she got is this book, the Daring Book for Girls, which is now on my list for Nora.

If you haven't checked out American Slang yet, you definitely should! It's a great new spot!  Here are some pics from the day:

{this coat is SO cozy (similar option here) - wearing here, too.  and these flats add a fun pop!}

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February 15, 2018

The Home Edit: Double Bathroom Renovation Plans (& Pain Points)


We have been talking (and talking, and talking) about remodeling two (of our three) bathrooms since the moment we moved in (9 years ago). We prioritized other things first, and had some other unplanned projects pop up, but this year - this is the year - we were ready to start. After tons of planning (inspiration, product selects and contractor research), I started making call after call - some emails and online forms, too - to local contractors and renovators, which I thought would be the quick part of the process. It isn't.

Not quick at all. In fact, I'm still in that phase.  We've had some visits to review our project with some contractors, but after some bids that were way to high (not just a matter of budget, but a matter of what feels right to pay for what we want) or some low, but lacked proper insurance - we are getting close on a solution of mixed vendors, homing in on what exactly what we need. Overall, it's really a painful process, but I hope we're getting closer to start (and now I want to go to become an apprentice to learn how to tile!).

But in the meantime, I'm tightening our plans for the bathrooms, and pulling product selects and dreaming of when this will all be over (and soon on to the next project... KITCHEN).  I'm sharing some of those plans below, and our inspiration above. We are actually remodeling each bathroom pretty similarly - same floor, tile, vanity counter tops and bath/shower backboards.  There are also no structural changes - just a pull in plug.

Bathroom #1
Our only full bathroom in our home, located in our upstairs hall and heavily used by the kids, a little bit by me, and guests! It's still pretty small (for a full bathroom) at about 5'11" wide and 8'6" deep and we're keeping it a one-sink bath to allow for the counter space.

This bathroom is currently covered in pink tile. Tile that is falling off the wall, so we have one section of the wall in the bath space that is covered in plastic - real classy. ;) 

We would ideally like to get a new vanity - however, our bathroom is so narrow, that nothing out there exists. So we'll either have to custom make something, or refurbish the current one (which is what we're leaning towards).  And, we'll likely move up and frame the current mirror to look like the one in the above plans.

Bathroom #2
Our "master" 3/4 bathroom (just a shower, no bath) in our bedroom with a single sink and small at about 7'11" wide by 3'10" deep.

This bathroom is tiny. It's the one located in our "master" bedroom, so heavily used by my husband and myself.  Keeping with the same black and white theme of the other bathroom, we plan to do a bit more work on our shower, that will involve cutting out some of the wall. :)  Right now, the shower if very enclosed and we want to replace some wall with glass to open it up.

We will be refacing this current vanity in this bathroom, too, as it's made for this small space. But the mirror we will replace with a round one.  Another fun thing about this bathroom is that we'll be replacing the traditional door with a barn door so we can avoid opening the door into the already small and confined space!

Shop both bathroom products, hardware and pieces here:

I will share before pics of the bathroom once we are in demo progress soon!  Until then, any tips, design advice or suggestions - I will gladly take them!

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February 12, 2018

Pretending it is Spring!

We are so ready for spring over here - definitely have the case of cabin fever with these still well-below freezing temps (and worse - horrid wind!).  But we had a day (still stuck inside) dreaming of spring this past weekend, trying on some fresh new clothes from Gymboree! Sometimes, you just have to turn up the heat and put on short sleeves.  And for a bit, it actually felt like maybe spring was here - at least the kids looked like it!

I even let Liam jump on the downstairs couch - who has boundless energy.  Both kids are still wearing their activity trackers, so they are really working on getting their goal steps and activity minutes. If they do, they get to play a special game within the parent's app, so it's a big deal. ;) And they might be a little competitive between each other, too.  Besides jumping all over the place - he is still very into legos, so thankfully that has gotten us through winer.

Liam is very specific about the waistbands on any bottoms he wears. He doesn't like them to feel too big (always worried they are going to fall down!  I do know have that same problem...), so his favorite are pull on with drawstring ties - and bonus if the waistband is soft. He loves these chino pull-on shorts, it was hard to get him to change out of them to put on pants when we did finally have to leave the house and out into the cold.

Nora has really taken up singing and, really, any kind of performing - sometimes one-actress monologue type episodes.  She loves picking out her own outfits to go along with her staring personality - and comfort is her first priority. Leggings have always been a go to for her so she can still move around, like kicking her legs up (constantly), and feel comfortable no matter what.  So, I love when I can find a really cute prints on leggings for a win-win for us both! These floral ones are perfect for spring, and the Smile tee was the perfect top for her performance of a many silly "smiley" faces!

These slip on sneakers for both the kids are a parent's dream, by the way. They just slip them on and go - so easy! Not fussing with ties and even velcro. And I love all the designs how cute they are. Kids are starting to wear these already - I had to give them something! - and they love them!  Nora's metallic ones here and Liam's paint splatter ones here!

How are you all staying creative at the end of this cold winer and/or getting read for spring?  Whatever you guys are doing, you'll love (but more importantly, your kids will love) the new Gymboree Spring collection! #followyourart

This post written in partnership with Gymboree - a long standing clothing go-to in our house! 
Thank you for supporting this blog.

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