May 29, 2015

Favorite Wears: Summer Tropical Jumpsuit

How to wear a jumpsuit for the weekend

Here she wears a jumpsuit for the 10th time in a row. I know. When I get obsessed with something, I go all out. I do that for music, too. When I really love a song - I literally listen to it on repeat for about 2 weeks until I am sick of it. Then a few months will pass and I might start to listen to  it again and it's only then I'll listen to it like a normal person (like in the mix of a playlist or maybe only a couple times a day).

So, ya, I just wore a jumpsuit here, but it was totally different(?).  And I have this black one that I wore a lot during the winter.  So while I'm just still on my way to 10, this is definitely a summer staple I'll be hitting up all season long.

Word to the wise - when wearing, limit your liquid intake, or make sure you know how to get in and out of your one-piece easily!  That's something I think about when I bought each of my jumpsuits. They're all relatively easy, and that's a must since I pee a lot. TMI, sorry.

Are you into the jumpsuit trend?

{Outfit Details: Jumpsuit - the Lily Pulzier for Target one that I somehow miraculously got online (cute tropical version here); Denim Jacket; Earrings; Backpack Purse - Ross Dress for Less (similar); Bracelet; Wedges - old from TopShop (similar); Sunglasses - old UO (similar); Lips}

Styling the Island Print Jumpsuit

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May 27, 2015

Favorite Wears: Windowpane with a View

I'm embarrassed to say that last week was my first visit to the new(ish) Hotel Sorella on the Country Club Plaza. I've been meaning to visit for the last year - but, better late than never, right? I'm actually excited, because last week was only a small taste of a fun staycation coming up later this summer!  

I had a few drinks and chilled at Bar Rosso (top floor of the hotel), taking in the pretty views from the pool deck and munching on delicious apps and desserts. I loved the chic and simple white and black decor, and the Spanish-styled tiles that carried here from the rest of the Plaza (like these stairs!).  The hotel really is a piece of art.

What started out as a quick event, meeting up with some other area bloggers, lasted well into the evening catching up more in depth with a couple of them with post-event drinks (on a school night, whaaaat!?) - and the space and area was perfect for it all. Can't wait to be back soon! 

{Shirt - similar one & one for summer,  Jeans, Wedges - similar, Bracelet (for FitBit)}

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May 26, 2015

Favorite Wears: Summer Cookouts

This past weekend we attended 3 cookouts! It was the perfect way to start summer and only the beginning of all the season's get togethers, bbqs and patio parties to come.  It's one of my most favorite things to do (with kids and without alike).  Getting dressed for it, I always want to be comfortable and casual, yet put together. This past weekend I gave this new jumpsuit a run, and loved how comfortable it was (the only pitfall of jumpsuits in general is going to the bathroom, but this is a simple tie, so easy to assemble and disassemble alone).

We love to host people, but also so enjoy getting out of our abode for other's homes. Never wanting to go empty handed, we hit up CostCo for good wine (keep it on hand!) and I usually attempt to make a side dish or dessert to bring.  My baking (well, cooking as a whole) skills could really use some work, but I was so excited something I tried for the first time this past weekend worked. I made lemon bars from scratch following along this recipe - and let me tell you... yum!

Once summer hits, I'm lemon everything (lemonade, bread, bars, pancakes, etc!) and the jumpsuit is proving to be my go-to piece to wear.  What dishes and clothing are you loving for this summer's cookouts and gatherings?

{Outfit Details: Cardigan, Jumpsuit, Sandals, Bracelet (holds my Fitbit - on sale!), Lips}

{P.S. I have learned I need a sifter for prettier powdered sugar topping!}

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