Chasing Davies: Gift Guide: Keeping Kids Busy

November 22, 2020

Gift Guide: Keeping Kids Busy


This year, I'm trying extra hard to find gifts that will keep my kids busy and engaged this winter/year as we continue to spend more time at home. I want them outside through all seasons and using their minds as they play or creativity as they discover.  Here are some items we have and love, and I'm getting for my kids this year.

My son read the full Harry Potter series over the first part of quarantine and is a huge HP fan now.  Having something he is so passionate about, helps with gift giving. I hope to keep his mind busy and excited with this 3D Harry Potter puzzle!

The last few Christmases, we've gotten each kid a lego set. That always keeps them busy, then they re-use the legos to build up things of their imagination. This year, I'm getting my son a Harry Potter lego kit (theme) and my daughter a Friends lego kit.

We got a mini table tennis (ping pong) table at the beginning of quarantine and that's been a fun outlet on days we're inside!

I love these books to work their brains - Hidden Pictures and What's Wrong with this Picture?

We go through craft material fast, so my kids always want more and I love giving them craft kits and materials to work their creativity.

We have two sets of Fort Building Playset and the kids love to build different shaped forts and drape blankets over it.

My daughter is really pushing herself to read chapter books like her big brother, so these Rebel Girl books not only have a great message but are for reading levels for age 6-9.

We love busting open geodes. This is great to get them outside so they can see what treasures they can discover!

My kids will spend a lot of time playing with the stomp rocket - a classic, great outdoor toy!

What are your "keeping kids busy" gift ideas?

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