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October 22, 2019

Favorite Wears: Favorite Gold Earrings

affordable gold earrings for sensitive ears 

Sometimes the best part of an outfit is the smallest part. I've struggled with wearing jewelry that irritates my skin or turns my skin green too many times to count, so as I've gotten older (and wiser?), I've invested in prices that will last and make me feel good. 

This brings me to my current obsession of affordable gold earrings that feel great on my sensitive ears. I also love all the other jewelry by AU-Rate because they make jewelry guaranteed for life with ethically sourced materials. They cut out the middle man to get you gold jewelry at affordable prices with options (of gold plated, 14K or 18K) so you can find something that fits your budget.

You can see my first pair of earrings from AU-Rate here. I like to get something that I'll always love, but, like that last pair (hoops made with little hearts), I want something with a little extra personality, too. I love these huggable hoops with the added bar dangling.

And what looks better with gold than pink and leopard?  I've been wearing pops of leopard for years, but have recently really fallen for pink, especially in unexpected ways.  My favorite unexpected way to wear pink? A pink blazer. My go-to blazer is no longer avail, but you can find the exact one on eBay.

A blazer, and having at least one in a fun color, can be worn dressed up or down - and is the perfect layering piece. I wear my pink one often, and love it over a simple white and black graphic tee (this one of a women's face is always a fun addition and definitely not boring).

So, mixing my pink blazer with gold earrings not only matches the packaging, but a classic go-to of mine (top the look off with a leopard headband for an extra wow!) - or skip the headband and blazer and go for a cozy leopard sweater (it all goes with gold, you can't go wrong!).  

You can shop my look here:

 Because this post is full of favorites - these are my favorite booties. But they're a couple years old. Here are this year's version by the same brand.

Alt outfit with a cozy leopard sweater (cute sidekick can't be replicated):

Find yourself a good pair of earrings and let the rest fall into place. What would you get from AU-Rate?
This post is in collaboration with Nakturnal, but all opinions are my own.

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