Chasing Davies: Simple, Beautiful Jewelry to Wear Everyday

March 22, 2019

Simple, Beautiful Jewelry to Wear Everyday


I have sensitive ears, but I'm also lazy and tend to keep my earrings in for multiple days and nights in a row... sleeping, showering and exercising in them. If the earring isn't quality, my ears get really itchy and I have to take them out within only a few hours. Does that happen to anyone else?

I found these delicate hoop earrings (that upon close look, you can see are made of little hearts) that are gold from AU Rate. I can not even feel them in my ear, and after wearing them for a week straight, still don't feel them and my ear is completely fine.  I wore them in this post with my oversized blazer outfit.

Other simple and delicate jewelry I love to wear are necklaces. I wear this Bezel stone gold chain necklace almost all the time (similar to how I wear my earrings... through showers, workouts and sleeping).  

Etsy is also a great place to buy price-conscious and unique jewelry - and support small businesses!  Two recent favorites are this dainty north star necklace and this moon and stars coin necklace.  I usually wear these layered with my bezeled necklace above.

I'm not a big bracelet wearer (except to match my daughter, like the ones worn above) since I work a lot on the computer, and they tend to just get knocked around making noise and annoying me. I go in and out of wearing my watch - I still love my white and gold one.  I will sometimes wear bracelets on the weekends, but I'm still looking for the one I love and can wear all the time. 

I'm a HUGE fan of dainty, stacked and several rings - but I haven't found all my dream ones yet. That's definitely on my to-do list. :)  It's super important for me to find high quality rings, as most turn my finger green so quick, and it's kind of embarrassing.  I found this article on why some metals turn your skin green - and ways to remedy it (and good news - it's not just buying expensive metals, you can use clear nail polish to act as a barrier).  

I love these sweet, thin stacked rings, and will give them a try, and one I have and still love is this diamond shape ring (wearing in photo above).  What do you think about rings on pinky fingers and above knuckle? I haven't found something that works for me there, but like the look in theory!

Shop my favorite jewelry pieces here:

Disclaimer: partnership post with agency, Nakturnal. Earrings were provided to me, but all reviews and opinions are my own.

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