Chasing Davies: A Frozen Easter & Cozy Brunch!

April 4, 2018

A Frozen Easter & Cozy Brunch!

Our Easter was filled with sleet/ice and COLD.  Not very Easter like, but we got in church and brunch with my family at (one of my quickly becoming favorite brunch spots) American Slang Modern Brasserie, located within the Intercontinental Hotel just off the Plaza.  It's always so bright and cherry in there, despite the grey outside, with a great view of the Plaza - and wonderful food and drinks! What more could you want?  You can see my last visits here and here.

You can also see a pretty dramatic difference in Liam from the last post - just a few days prior to Easter morning. He got a major haircut the day before (just in the nick of time) - and we let him have total creative freedom. It had been way too long, so I was just glad to tone down that puff ball, and now he looks SO old!

Nora has become obsessed with drinking her (kid-friendly) drinks out of my old coffee cups and calling it her coffee - so they were really sweet to give the kids their chocolate milk in to-go coffee cups.   She thought she was pretty cool. ;)

We ended up not making it to my larger-family gathering later that evening, as the weather really picked up and we were seeing lots of accidents on the roads. We decided not to risk it, and I ended up cleaning out both kids closets and dressers! So I call that a win, plus we had a wonderful morning with my parents (just missed my sister!).  Hope you all had wonderful Easters!

Our Easter Outfits:

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