Chasing Davies: 10 Things to do on your Sabbatical!

April 7, 2018

10 Things to do on your Sabbatical!

  {New denim jacket, great workout leggings for warmer weather, old favorite bag and sneakers on sale!}

One of the best perks of my company is that those that have been with them for 10+ years earn a one month sabbatical (off from work completely).  This is in addition to vacation and other personal/sick days received throughout the year.  So, if you follow me on Instagram and have seen some of my latest IG stories, you might have figured out - I'm on mine right now!

I've compiled my top list of what I plan to do with mine, and what I've heard from other co-workers who've already taken theirs below. But first an important tip: Don't let others try to dip into your sabbatical. I started to get a lot of, "well while you're off, you can do this..." or "since you're off, I don't have to do this..." etc.  Keep business as normal every where else, so you can really do what you need/want with the extra time.  And for me, those needs/wants are in the below list:

1. My number one goal for this time off - clean out my house! 
We are literally quickly becoming hoarders and I'm about ready to have a breakdown.  My suggestion is to do a space at a time so it isn't too overwhelming - and get help if you can! I'm using a little bit of most of my time off to clean out one space or fill one (at least small) bag of stuff to either donate, sell or return.  I'm also using a whole day to work with an organizer to help me further!  I'm most excited about this.

P.S. I'm listing some of my better things on eBay here, if you're interested!

2. Workout!  This is my second goal for this time off.
My goal is to workout at least 20 times within my 30 days off.  I'm trying new workout classes, doubled my weekly trainer sessions from once to twice a week and just getting in my steps/activity in overall.  This is especially important to me as I work in a busy environment where finding this time has become harder and harder, and I hope I can reset and keep this a priority when I return to work.

{Tried the new Caffetteria with friends last week}

3.  Try new restaurants/coffee shops.
This is a great time to go to new restaurants/coffee shops (or ones you haven't been to yet) - and pick times they won't be as crowded!  And even better - meet friends/family to spend time with those you haven't seen in awhile or are craving quality time with.

4. Go to a movie during the day.
I'm excited to just see a movie in general - I only get a few adult ones in a year, it seems, and this is something you can easily do alone!

5. Go to Trader Joe's - when they aren't as busy and without kids.
I don't know about your Trader Joe's, but the two in my city are a nightmare during the weekends and in the evenings. I don't shop there very often because of this reason - so I plan to get at least one visit in at a less crowded time. 

Tip: Did you know Google tells you popular times for each day? I find this by searching my Trader Joe's and it comes up on the right side, under the map and store info/hours.  Looks like weekday mornings are best time to go!

6. Catch up on appointments.
I booked a lot of my annual doc appts for this month off, so I didn't have to worry about potentially needing to reschedule, run late or move things around to make them actually work out.  This isn't as fun, but took a lot of the stress of appointments away by doing it this way.  I even got in some elective type appointments (like food sensitivity screening) that I've been wanting to do.

7. Spa day
I mean, duh, right?  But I don't just mean a spa appointment - but like a whole day (or as long as you can take it). I did this already, and it was amazing. Started the morning off in the spa's pool/hot tub, then had a massage, then a facial, ended the services with a pedicure and then a late lunch! It was very relaxing - a great first week of your time off to start with. I went home and took a small afternoon nap, which was also amazing.

8. Spend time outside.
I'm still hoping I'll get to do this. But with the unseasonably cold weather, I'm getting nervous. I'm taking advantage of any time day to get outside in the sun - took a walk with a friend who is on maternity leave on the sliver of nice weather we've had, and aim to do some reading on a patio and/or lounging on the lawn of our city's museum yard. 

9.  Volunteer
This is encourage by my company to spend some of our time volunteering, but it's also a great idea in general. I am spending some of my time volunteering at my son's school and a local senior center.

{Nora and I went on a coffee/chocolate milk date last Thursday, and it was fun to chit chat with her.}

10.  Spend some extra time with my kids/husband.
I hope to get in a day date, or at least lunch with my husband, pending his own work schedule and I've already gotten some extra time with each of my kids and will get some more before my sabbatical is over.  It's fun to have some one-on-one time with them.

A lot of people might spend some of their time traveling - and that's definitely a good idea! But for me, we already have a lot of travel planned for the year, and I didn't want to be away from my kids/they couldn't miss school, so that wasn't a direction I took my time off in.

I'm also trying to stay on a reasonable schedule - so not taking this time to sleep in or take an excess of naps since I will have to go back to work quicker than I even know, and I don't want to "waste" my time off sleeping. I am allowing my self some time for a short nap or binge watch Netflix shows, though! ;)

What would you do with a month off? 

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