Chasing Davies: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - For YOURSELF!

February 2, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - For YOURSELF!

It's always great to show people love - whether for a holiday or not, but I kind of like the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day by showing yourself a little extra love first.  We can be so hard on ourselves, often thinking about everyone else's needs first.  So, maybe this Valentine's Day - celebrate or find some compassion and love for yourself.

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Of course, getting yourself a little something extra is always sweet, but it doesn't have to be an item.  You could also buy yourself flowers, go on a walk or get in a workout class, take a nap, take the day off work and binge watch Netflix, make a new dinner from one of your Pinterest pins, watch a total chic-flick,  call a friend you don't see as often and chat, take a bath or a long shower, read a book alone in a quiet room or just spend the day consciously thinking about the things you love about yourself.   

Of course, any excuse for a date night with the one you love (friend or romantic) if always a good idea if you roll that way on Valentine's Day. :)  I actually have a hot date with American Airlines and the Kansas City Airport. I'll be traveling home the evening of 2/14 - so I'll likely get to do some of the above things (like read on the plan and be kinder to myself).

What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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