Chasing Davies: Summer Family Outing: Strawberry Picking

May 19, 2016

Summer Family Outing: Strawberry Picking

Last weekend was the first (and last for awhile) weekend we didn't have a ridiculous amount of stuff going on... no soccer, only one birthday party, no travels or wedding festivities, etc etc.  So, I talked my husband into driving 45 minutes south to go strawberry picking at Gieringers Orchard. We've gone blueberry and apple (herehere and here) picking before (at various orchards/farms) - and I always love to teach my kids where our food comes from (or just experience new things in general).  

Our morning was off to a pretty slow and cranky start, and I started to re-think the outing, but we pressed forward and went for it anyways.  By the time we got there, Liam was having a hard time listening and using words he shouldn't, and we were probably minutes from just getting right back int he car and driving home before even stepping foot onto the farm.  Nora was really excited though, so Greg had a little talk with Liam, while Nora and I headed in.   That's the hardest thing about doing things with toddlers - you just never know their moods.

Thankfully, once in our row in the strawberry orchard, and after listening long enough to understand how to pick the right strawberries, Liam got into it and his mood shifted for the better.  That's when the sun came out the cool wind also died down a bit, and it ended up being really fun (phew!).

 After picking enough strawberries to hand out to friends, freeze and get us through the next week or two, we went to play on their wooden tractor and hay bales.  Liam would have kept playing on the hay all day if we let him (and I don't blame him - it looked fun).

{Outfit Details: MAMA - new Evy's Tree Hoodie c/o, Gingham Tank, White Jeans c/o, Birks, Baby Bag c/o; NORA - Dress by Mini Boden, Kitty-Cat Shoes c/o}

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