Chasing Davies: A Fall-Time Must: Apple Picking!

October 17, 2013

A Fall-Time Must: Apple Picking!

Kansas City Apple Picking
This past weekend, we went apple picking at Cider Hill Family Orchard in Kansas City, KS on what could not have been a more beautiful day!  We headed there before the rush and Liam's nap in the morning and took advantage of the fall-like weather.  We spent an hour running through the orchards,  plucking apples from the trees, playing catch with the ones that had already fallen (Liam's idea) and ultimately filling our peck full of Gold Rush apples. 

After we'd gathered all the apples and more that we'd ever need in the next few weeks, we indulged on apple cider slushes and donuts.  Liam was a big fan of both and totally commandeered my slushy.  He also couldn't wait until we got home before digging into our freshly picked apples and ate one while I was paying for all our apple goodness.  We've pretty much been eating apples since.  You know that saying, "an apple a day...", well we've got that covered.
This is a definite fall must-do (if you can squeeze it in before apple season is over by the end of October).  Most of our fun was had just being outside amongst the pretty scenery and on the hunt for good apples... picking apples and going home with them was just a bonus.  

What's on your fall must do list?

{P.S. You can see my outfit details in yesterday's post here!}

toddler activity in the fall
fall 2013 apple picking
apple picking in kansas city
Cider Hill Family Orchard Kansas City

Now what to do with all those apples.... (see one way tomorrow!)

Happy Fall!

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