Chasing Davies: Spring Soccer Season; Post-Game Snacks

April 28, 2016

Spring Soccer Season; Post-Game Snacks


My baby is growing up! He’s on his first soccer team, making me an official soccer mom! His pre-K games started early April, and we took it very seriously! We let him pick out his soccer cleats (a little bright, huh?!), bought him multiple pairs of socks and shorts, and promptly signed up for our turn to bring post-game snacks!

Right away, I knew I wanted to keep the snack simple and wholesome. Simple, because I’m always running 10 minutes behind (I’m a working mama with too much on my to-do list), and wholesome, because we’re really serious about limiting the sugar in-take and keeping our kids developing healthy habits. But they’re also kids, man. So, I love that Capri Sun now has an organic juice drink in that same classic pouch (that I remember LOVING as a child myself!) with no added sugar.

Capri Sun Organic is a certified USDA organic juice drink that contains one serving of fruit*, and is made with simpler ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives! This juice drink gives kids the taste they love and parents the wholesome drink options they can feel good about serving, and it pairs perfectly with a simple treat, like little oranges. How classic is that for after a soccer game?

The first game didn’t go quite as planned! The game is split, with the first 30 minutes for practice –and Liam LOVED that! He followed all the rules his coach (our good friend, and super terrific with these kiddos) called out, and really liked playing with his team. But the minute the second 30 minutes rolled around, it was the start of the game with the other team and Liam froze. He was shy, overwhelmed and not into it. I felt so bad for him. 

Regardless, something we learned last summer in swim lessons, it just takes him a bit longer to warm up to new things/people.  By the time the 3rd game came around - he was all in, and having fun! That made my heart swell with pride for him - for taking a chance and just having fun!

We all still had fun watching the game! Nora partook in the fun on the sidelines with me, while her Dad helped coach and Liam practiced, and then sat with his team on the field. She really wanted to join, so next is getting her signed up next summer (when she’s 3, and ease her into it a bit sooner). At least for now, she was able join in on the snacks.

You can get Capri Sun Organic at retailers nationwide for $4.29 per 10 pack of 6-oz. pouches in the Fruit Punch, Tropical Punch, Apple and Grape!  

I am so glad I’m at this stage of parenting – watching my kids play sports and learn new things with other kids is exciting! Even if it can sometimes be frustrating and heart pulling… I just want to crawl in their head and tell them that it’s all OK. Make them understand that the fear doesn’t have to be a reality, and it’s about having fun! But I can’t, we, as parents sometimes have to watch them figure it out in their own way, on their own time.  Just as we all did.

* Each pouch provides 1/2 cup fruit juice which is one serving of fruit according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

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