Chasing Davies: Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Busy Mama

April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Busy Mama

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Busy Mom

These are all things I'd want for myself.... *ahem*... and a few I have (and totally recommend)!  As a mama to two toddlers, a busy career, a side job/hobby (this lil blog here), lots of travel and lacking sleep, like so many of you, there aren't enough hours in the day.  So, besides more time, these are some items that would make any busy mama's life a bit easier, thus great gifts!
1. Amazon Echo (w/ gold cover!) - Most of the time when I remember to add that one thing I actually need to the grocery list, or that I still need to pay my credit card bill, or need to add something to our family-calendar my arms are full of laundry or kids - and then later I've forgotten again. I have heard awesome things about Amazon Echo - just being able to talk to it whenever the to-dos flood my mind, a la... "Hey Echo, please add a case of Rosé to the grocery list!"

2.  Sona by Caeden Tracker - In the world of trackers, there is no shortage, but this one doesn't just track your activity, but your wellbeing. Sona’s advanced sensor tracks Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a metric that provides a well-rounded view of your overall health and stress levels.  It tracks all your activity - steps, movement, calories burned, etc; and it also tracks your heart health and then offers 5 Guided Resonance Meditation sessions.

3. Stitch Fix - This is a program that connects you with stylists to do all the shopping for you! Sending you pieces (jewelry, shoes, jeans, clothing) that you indicate you like/want/need straight to your doorstep. Send back what you don't want and pick your own pace for shipments!

4.  An elevated blender that works fast - I actually already have the Blendtec, and I love it. WORTH IT! Blends smoothly the first time around (even tons of frozen stuff), removes so much of the frustration I had with my regular blender - and time.  I can't recommend it enough.  

5. Comfort on my back patio - this is the season that all I want to do is relax outside, especially since we have a great backyard that my kids can run wild, but our outdoor space is not relaxing. Our whole yard needs work (landscaping, organization, patio feng shui), but I want to start with a pair of chaise lounges.

6. Save the flowers, bring me all the Succulents! Remembering to water or having to throw out the soon-to-be dead flowers is just another thing the Echo will have to remind me to do. But I love living plants and the greenery - so succulents is the perfect option for me. 

7.  A bag for it all - I have this one (but love all the options from the Pacapod line) and seriously use it for everything! For work with my laptop and lunch, for my kids when we're out and about (pop in the pouch with the baby diaper goods) and even for great for traveling. A bag that can do it all saves so much time shifting things around - and from forgetting which bag you last left your wallet (or keys or favorite lipstick...).

8. A weekend getaway - especially good timing before you start solidifying all your summer plans!  A kid-free, weekend getaway with your girlfriends or husband with a kid-free brunch, sleeping in, a nice restaurant, live music, etc etc.  I'm excited, because we have a couple Saturday getaways with friends coming up in June!

If you are a mama - what are those gifts you really want?  Share them in the comments!

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