Chasing Davies: How I'm Embracing my Natural Hair!

June 5, 2015

How I'm Embracing my Natural Hair!

I have a need-it-now, instant gratification kind of personality - at least around some things. Like my hair. I want it to my elbows one day, a long-bop (LOB?) the next, brown, blond, straight, wavy, curly, parted in the middle, parted to the side, other side - I could probably go on.   And while I actually think that's one fun thing about being a girl (changing up our style depending on our mood), sometimes, you just need to embrace the natural.  

I started thinking more this way once I became a mom.  For one, my time to get ready each morning was dramatically reduced. And second, I want to set a good example for them, my daughter especially. It's super cute when Nora hangs out with me while I'm doing my make up - she'll take a blush brush and swish it around her face. But I also don't want her to grow up thinking she has to change her appearance to be beautiful. I think it's a balance between being creative, changing your style based on your mood and enhancing your favorite features, and embracing your natural beauty.

 So, lately I've been trying to do just that, with my hair especially. My hair is actually something I've struggled with loving all my life.  At the roots and underneath it tends to curl, while as it grows out and on the top, it's more wavy, and it sure is frizzy all over, especially when the humidity is high! In an effort to love my natural hair, I've been using the Dove Quench Absolute products to hydrate my tresses, which help my curls and waves be smoother.  The formula of this three-party system is infused with protein, nutrients and Buriti Oil to provide a nourished, smooth finish.

Did you know that only 10% of women with curly hair feel proud of their locks? That makes me so sad, and I think we can all help to change how young girls think of themselves (beyond just hair!), by being confident with what we each have. 

That's why Dove Hair launched the "Love Your Curls" campaign to encourage women to celebrate their curls and inspire future generations to do the same.  You can download the free e-book inspired by real women with curls and their stories, and you can even create a personalized e-book and dedicate it to the curly girl in your life! 

How are YOU embracing YOUR natural beauty?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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