Chasing Davies: The Hair Files: Easy Straightening for the Wild-Haired

August 15, 2013

The Hair Files: Easy Straightening for the Wild-Haired

An easy hair straightening tutorial:

I typically wash my hair about two times a week.  I know this is different for everyone depending on your own head of hair... but mine is pretty dry, so sometimes I can even get away with once a week (and a lot of up-dos).  It was also a process for me to go from washing my hair every other day, to a rarer schedule. When I do wash my hair, my normal routine is to wash my hair at night, sleep on it wet and wake up to the above.  Lovely, I know.  And THIS is with professional Keratin treatments and after shower Frizz-Ease application (imagine how much worse it could be...).

Thankfully for me, and everyone who has to look at me, I have a few tools that can really tame these wild waves, or whatever you'd call that, on my head.  You can see how I get smooth, wavy hair (and my pre-Keratin treated au natural hair) here with my favorite curling iron.  Alternatively, to get quick smooth and straight hair starting with dry, all-natural hair, you need a really good flat iron, especially for my coarse hair. Misikko was nice enough to send me their new Hana professional flat iron to try out.  

Below is how I went from crazy hair to smooth straight hair with the help of this new tool in only about 20 multi-tasking minutes flat!

I set the Hana as hot as it goes, 450 degrees!  You may not need it this hot and you should definitely use styling products to protect your hair as much as possible. I apply a couple of products to my dry locks: I run Some Like It Hot serum throughout and then use heat protective spray on each section right before I use the hot iron.  

I first separate my hair in about 3 sections, starting with the bottom, which is the most unruly part of my hair.  I then try to straighten about a one-inch section at a time.  After all 3 sections are done, I go around my hairline to get all the baby hairs (thank you childbirth for the hair loss).

Waaaa-LA!  See? Pretty easy process to tame this hair of mine (all while applying a little make-up to boot).  What are your go-to hair tools to tame your hair?

Big thanks to Misikko for sending me this awesome flat iron!

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