Chasing Davies: A Gender Reveal within a Baby Shower

March 16, 2015

A Gender Reveal within a Baby Shower

Baby Shower Table Decor and Invite

A few weekends ago (when the weather was completely opposite of what it is now), a couple of my best friends came into town and we threw our other best friend a baby shower!  My friend, Bre, is having her first baby this summer and we're all excited. This baby shower was extra special, not only because she had lots of friends and family in town to celebrate, but because it was also the gender reveal!  

We hosted the shower at Sasha's Baking Co., which is a sweet little place in Kansas City with delicious food (we loved the brunch!) and treats.  They also made a cake for us, which under the thick vanilla buttercream icing was either a blue or pink colored cake to announce the gender. Both the parents-to-be knew the gender and called to let the bakery know so they knew what color to make the cake.  

During brunch, we all went around the table and I think all, but 2 people guessed that it'd be a boy. So later after we were done eating, gifts and a craft (more on that later!!), the boys joined us for dessert time - and thus the big gender reveal.  Bre slowly sliced the first piece of cake, slowly turning to reveal the inside, and it was...  Well scroll down to see!

Baby Shower Table decor and theme
Gender reveal idea at baby shower with cake
Gender Reveal with a cake


We were all pretty thrilled and excited, but none more than the parents-to-be (and maybe Katie who was not so secretly hoping for a girl despite her boy guess).  I really love this new trend of gender reveal parties, and I'm so glad Bre incorporated it into the shower we threw for her so we could all enjoy this fun surprise together.  The squeals and energy were something I'll never forget. There is a great video out there someone caught... I'll have to get my hands on that and share to my YouTube page.  I can't wait until baby W is born!

Huge thank you to Tiny Prints for the super cute baby shower invites and menu, which really help us shape the overall theme and decor of the shower. You can read more about my approach to hosting any sort of (but in this case, baby) shower over on Tiny Prints today! I'm sharing my 5 tips to hosting a stress-free, but fab shower and it's exactly what we did for this one!

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