Chasing Davies: Spreading Holiday Cheer with Minted

November 26, 2014

Spreading Holiday Cheer with Minted

I'm actually ahead on my holiday cards this year since last year's, last minute holiday carding ended up being so easy.  I was totally excited to head to Minted again to pick out this year's card, beelining straight for the foil-pressed holiday cards. The hardest part for me is picking out which card, because I end up favoriting so many.  

That's one super easy feature about Minted that I love - if you're looking for a card for a specific photo, you can see your photo in all the cards at once and then favorite the ones you're considering.  After I reviewed all my options, I was able to pick from my favorites and personalize.  To make matters even EASIER, this year I had my envelopes pre-addressed for free. Yes. Minted offers free recipient address printing that coordinates with your card and return address printing.

Now that you know ordering and personalizing your own holiday cards will be a cinch, you can concentrate on what photo your going to pick! It was between two photos from the last few months for me, and I decided to go a little more fun.... Below is a sneak peak at our cards!  

Thanks Minted for working with me on creating my holiday cards!

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