Chasing Davies: Holiday Cards by Minted

December 15, 2013

Holiday Cards by Minted

Oh yes, there is still time to get holiday cards out - whether you want to send last minute Christmas cards or like me, a New Years or generic Holiday greeting card to allow for the most procrastination time as possible...  And Minted has adorable options for whatever greeting or theme you have in mind, with the ability to rush your order.  I personally love the photo cards and have my selection narrowed down to four possibilities, for now. Maybe you can help me pick which one to go with? 
This year, we're incorporating baby Nora's birth announcement into our Holiday greeting, since sending out two cards around the same time seemed unnecessary and expensive... The year Liam was born, we just sent out birth announcements and no holiday cards since he was born in December.  But with having two littles now, we wanted to incorporate both of them this year - so a combo it is. 

{This one is great because of all the photos I can put on the front letting me use the back of the card for more text and info around Nora's birth stats}

{I love the gold! Utilizing the back of this card for more pictures of Nora's birth, but lack space for Nora's birth details in text.}

{This one is festive and has enough text space on the front for Nora's birth details and able to use the back for more photos.}

{Is this one to Christmas-y to send out post-Christmas? }

Then there are about a million more really cute options, too...  
Visit Minted to get designing your own cards!
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