Chasing Davies: Holiday Gift Guide: Kids & Babies

November 18, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids & Babies

I'm finding that ages 1 through 4 seem to be the hardest gifts to shop for.   At this age, they're sort of in between abilities, and I feel like there is already so much stuff (toys) around as is!  So, I'm sharing some of my favorite ideas that will grow with them and add value in a variety of ways.  And in the least, have higher qualities that make me feel good about the place I buy them (small biz) and the type of products they are (safe)!  If you have other ideas for kids (baby to toddler), pleas share in the comments below!

1. Every baby to toddler could use a pair of Freshly Picked, leather moccasins!  They are by far my favorite - as Liam wore his (one pair!) for an entire year as he mastered walking.  Nora has been wearing her first pair (starting earlier than Liam, prior to walking) since she was 8 months and, because girls need more shoe options, looking to get another pair!

2. Wooden train sets!  Good for boys or girls, and let me tell you, even parents... we have a lot of fun building train tracks and cities and it's easy to keep adding pieces/sets to it via different gifts.

3. Soft blocks if vibrant colors. We recently brought these back out (packed away from Liam's younger days) for Nora, and it's been fun watching her stack them and knock them down. Or if you are the DIY kinda gal... you can try making a personalized block set via here!

4. Floor piano/music mat. We love anything musical (and so do the kids, hah!) and spend most nights dancing to music, playing instruments and having a family band jam session (Nora is awesome at the maraca).  I think this might make it's way to our own wish list,  because how fun!?

5. Mini Happy Habitat Throws. I have a full-size one for my living room, and have been looking to get Nora her own special kid-size blanket (Liam has one I got him when he was a babe and still sleeps with it!).  We landed on one of these beauties and will be showing you more of Nora's new blanket, soon! This would make a beautiful and special gift for a baby/kid that'd last a lifetime!

6.  Bannor Toys' wooden creations are as pretty to look at as fun. We have a teether for Nora and a car set for Liam, and they are so well made and different from all the other stuff we have.  

7. I think this could be an awesome gift for the kid and mama alike!  FabKids sends monthly outfits straight to your own and takes all the thinking out of piecing together cute and fun looks for your tot to kid. Liam has some pretty fun pieces from here - some of our go-to and favorite outfits!

8. Soft stuffed toys with personality.  Not your normal stuffed animals - these ones look just as cute sitting on a shelf or decorating a bed as they feel cuddling them.  Nora has the elephant from last year, and will soon get to sleep with it as she clears that year old marker.

See the holiday gift guide dedicated to Kansas City brands & products here, and stay tuned for more to come!

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