Chasing Davies: Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

November 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

Ahh, guys are the hardest to shop for in my book. Like harder for the girl that has everything to the in-between ability toddlers.  At least the guys in my life... But I've found some  successes over the year and wanted to share in case you are in the same challenging boat as I!  And of course, if you have any gift ideas for the guys (husband, boyfriend, dads, etc), please share in the comments!

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones - the real deal. If your guy travels, listens to music (podcasts, videos, etc...) at work or commutes by foot/public transportation... this is a must. I actually have a different color (white!) on my own list. After I picked myself up after the sticker shock, my husband explained to me that these really are the best (and will last!).  

A manly blanket for the winter months ahead... Buffalo Check is totally gender neutral (one of my favs), but this log-cabin inspired print would be perfect in a dude's home or in a space you both share!

A modern leather wallet - I'm sure your guy's current wallet is tattered by now (if he's anything like mine, and it's really old man-like at this point).  I love the wallet options Sandlot Goods has for modern, push-not-pull, sleek and completely beautifully made and your guy will too!

Shoes - seriously. He may look at you funny at first (because a lot of guys don't love the gift of shoes like women), but these leather Sperry's are so comfortable they're like wearing sneakers, but you can wear to work/nicer events. I gave these to my husband a couple years ago, and the next holiday, he asked for another pair in black. 

Comics for adults - this book would make a great coffee table piece and as well as provide a nostalgia throwback to childhood, but in an updated and adult sort of way.

Something I've started to do often for my husband is give him the gift of an experience.  Like sporting or concert tickets for him and a few of his best buds (since he doesn't see them as often as he once did now that we are two deep in kiddos).  I even coordinate with his friends, make sure it's something they're all available for and book the tickets (sometimes months ahead of time).  Take all the work out of the whole thing!

Messenger bag - the grown-up version of a backpack. I swear, my husband would pack for work his college backpack if socially acceptable.  Since it's not, one of my gifts to him this year is a leather messenger bag he can carry his laptop, gadgets and files to and from work.

A good pair of sunglasses is always a great gift, and you can't go wrong with a pair by Ray-Ban.  I think guys look awesome in the classic aviator style. 

Looking for more gift ideas?  
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